Seat Is Hard As A Rock
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Thread: Seat Is Hard As A Rock

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    Seat Is Hard As A Rock

    Is there a far more comfortable seat out there for the TW? My stock seat is not bearable after 30 minutes.

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    I agree! I didn't want to spend $150 for a new seat, but I did. I ordered the Seat Concepts cover. It is not even a full seat. It is a cover and new shaped foam. I have read good things about their seat. That stock seat is the worst MC seat I have ever sat on.
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    The Seat Concepts is well worth the $$ IMO.
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    I got the Coleman ATV Seat cover from Walmart for $20 and have been pleased with it. It is mentioned often here, try that first.
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    Yep, the stock seat is a torture device for sure. I have the seat concepts on both mine and my girlfriends bikes and we are both very happy with it.
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    You guys are just saddle sore you need to ride more and build up calluses on your, you know what.

    That last 116 mile off-road adventure we did in Green Ridge. Saabug told me after the ride that he was wearing gel bicycle pants. That was smart because I was beyond my calluses. Lol

    My Son bought a Honda CRF250 now talk about a hard seat that damn thing is liking sitting on a rock. My butt was releaved getting back on my TW after riding his bike.
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    bike seat 002.JPGbike seat 001.JPG
    Quote Originally Posted by TWilight View Post
    ToeHunter....first...WELCOME to the forum......another Washington State TW rider....YEAH !

    See, our statewide recruiting program is wiorking.

    I have the Coleman ATV seat cushion on my bike...and a real sheepskin cover over that. I don't live too far from you, and we could meet in Montesano....where another TW rider you can see the seat cushion that a lot of us buy, anbd use. I got mine from Amazon, for $ 19.95.

    Mike, Toehunter and I met on the Ocean shores beach and I asked him to join us here. So glad he has joined us. Look forward to riding with him and others in the future. Would be great to have us get together at my place or wherever.

    This seat is available at harbor freight. It has a steel frame and would be easy to adapt to the TW. Last time I saw one it was 75 dollars. If you have the ability to make the pan to put it on you are fixed up. I did mine with a seat like this off a 1500 Kawasaki and integrated a rack and backrest. As it is now my wife's bike I put it back to stock.

    Toehunter. If you would like to do something like this, my shop is available for you. Find what you need and we will get together and make it happen. Shouldn't take more than a couple hours.
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    I put a sheepskin on mine, and it's probably the most comfortable seat I've ever used on a motorcycle. It's the only one I've ever been able to ride longer than 1 hour without stopping. I won't ride a seat without a sheepskin anymore though. I could have a brand new BMW 1200, and it would still have my dirty old grey sheepskin on it.
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    On the stock seat I got very uncomfortable after 25 miles. I added the Mad Dog (Coleman) ATV seat cover you see a lot of on here, which pushes the uncomfortable out to 45-50 miles. If you do the kind of riding with friends where you're stopping to take a break every so often, or just bopping around town, commuting, etc, the Mad Dog cover will suit you fine. If you want to do some long haul adventure riding, I'd go for something more..
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    I actually really like the stock seat. I do 500 km days on it with no issue. Worst seat ever has to be the DR650.

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