Remove my Passenger pegs from bracket.
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Thread: Remove my Passenger pegs from bracket.

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    Remove my Passenger pegs from bracket.

    After watching that guys right knee bone sticking out and caved in on the UTV I think I will get my grinder and cut off wheel out and remove my passenger pegs on the TW as I will never have a passenger on the back I will keep the bracket on for a crash bar.

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    I was thinking of doing the same thing only I was going to take the little bar thingys off too. Your idea of leaving them on for crash bars may have merit.
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    Good plan Paul. That damaged knee made me cringe too. The passenger peg bracket does make a good crash bar. I like that they often keeps bike from stalling in a simple tip over as the tire does not contact the ground.
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    Yes I could see my foot getting planted and that peg bracket ripping my calf open and bleeding out and Mike looking at me and saying I would help you if you would of brought me some tea.

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    So the bracket has a use? I was gonna remove the whole assembly.
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    I took mine off bracket and all a few months after I bought my bike. Seemed to be one more thing to hang up on branches or other obstacles.
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    Take them off if you want, but the brackets are useful attachments for pannier supports or racks for those who do not have the deluxe rack setups. A piece of 1" square tubing just fits in that bracket and served as the major support for the brace that holds my saddlebags off the muffler/other side of bike. The weight of the bags is supported over the back of the seat, but the brace keeps things solidly out of the wheel and serves as a tie-down site as well.

    Just saying. Tom
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    I like peruanos's welding approach. If you are that talented or have someone who is I think that is great. From a basic perspective, I removed the damned brackets and footpegs long ago. They serve no purpose for most riding situations. I am sure that someone will find fault with this, so be it.
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    Just give me a minute while I collect my thoughts. They're around here somewhere. Maybe!

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    Where is this video?

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