LuvNot's TW200 Progress
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Thread: LuvNot's TW200 Progress

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    LuvNot's TW200 Progress

    I'm starting a thread here in the hopes of keeping all the technical stuff in the right thread, yet still have a place to document the work on my '99 bike.

    Since I can't pick it up until tomorrow, I thought I'd start ordering some essential parts. I'm using the ProCycle page as a one-stop-shop.

    So far, here is my list:
    • SEAL AIR BOX TW200
    • Uni Air Filter TW200

    • Bel-Ray Super DOT-4 Brake Fluid - 12 oz. <-- EDIT: Drum brakes Front & Rear, so this isn't needed
    • Brake Shoes TW200-All XT225-92-00
    • Front Drum Brake Shoes TW200 87-91

    • Cable Luber Tool
    • Dri Slide Moly Lubricant

    • O-Ring Chain EK 428SROZ X 130
    • Heavy Duty Chain Breaker Tool
    • Master Link Oring EK428SROZ

    • Hi-Flo Oil Filters (5 pack) - TW200 all and XT225 '92-'07

    • Inner Tube 180/80-14
    • TUBE4.00/5.10-18

    I have NO idea what tires to get. Will be riding 80% pavement with very mild off-road since I'm a uber-nubie. Probably nothing more adventurous than beginner tracks and/or muddy jeep trails in the Blue Ridge mountains.

    So far, that's it. That's more than enough to make my wallet cringe, but will give me peace of mind. Do you guys think I should go ahead and refurbish the carb? I don't have the tools to modify the chinese carb replacement everyone seems to like, so maybe cleaning the old one will be okay?

    Once this essential work is done, I'll move on to the "Wish List" items.

    Comfort Wish List:
    • ProTaper SE ATV High Handlebars
    • Powermadd 2" Handlebar Riser (and associated longer cables)
    • Seat Concepts Foam and Cover Kit

    • BikeMaster Heated Grips

    • ProCycle TW200 LED Tail Light
    • LED Turn Signal Resistor Kit (&/or LED Signal Diode Kit -- not sure if both are needed)
    • Tuff Lites Flexible LED Turn Signals
    • 3800 Lumen LED Headlight Bulb (though eventually I want a completely different headlight)

    Looking forward to the forum's input and advice.
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    Sounds like you have a lot of stuff covered. Some standard mods are a 15 tooth front sprocket to get you a little more top end if you think you will be doing any highway riding. I think it's geared pretty good stock but some like a little more top speed. You will lose a little low speed if you're concerned about that. Also while the back tire is adequate for trail use the front is some what lacking. There is a thread somewhere about what is good, bad and ugly. I myself am getting a Pirelli MT 21, 140/80 - 18 for the front. Pirelli MT 21 Rallycross Rear Tire - Motorcycle Superstore. I am in the process of trying to get a Duro Power Grip mounted up on the rear.

    As far as your carb the only way to know for sure if it needs some help is to take a look at it. You can kind of inspect it with out having to remove it. Take the seat, tank, and throttle cables off and loosen the clamps on the in and out boots of the carb. Then you can rotate the top out to the right side and get at the float bowl screws from the left and get at the top of the carb from the right. Take that off and look inside and that will give you an idea of whether it needs a full fledged cleaning. If it don't look too bad and seems to be starting and running fine I would just go get a can of Sea Foam and put about a quarter can in a five gallon jug of good fresh gasoline and run that through it for the next couple of weeks.
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    Went looking for OEM parts at, and see there is a listing under 1999 for TW200L and TW200LC. Does anyone know the difference between the two? They look the same to my eyes, but I'm not a mechanic.

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    The C at the end means it is a California bike.
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    The only difference I have found between the Cali models and the rest of the world is carb jetting.

    Something else I forgot to mention is I would get the bike in hand, run it round the yard a couple of times and then take it out on the road for a ten minute jaunt. Come back home and change all the lubricants; engine oil, fork oil, brake fluid....etc. Clean the air filter. Every one says " I just changed the ***". Can't trust them. Then ride it around for a week or two before you start changing anything major. See what you like, what you don't like and what you live with. Then prioritize your cash expenditures.

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    If the bike has drum brakes, you will not need brake fluid.

    Try Seafoam in the carb if there are issues. Try it first, before messing with the carb.

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    One of the main changes they made to the TW in 2001, was the introduction of “more electricity” — to wit, the previous standard was almost doubled.

    You have a ‘99

    That 3400 lumen headlight alone (though the exact wattage equivalent figure can be argued) is likely to pull more juice than the bike can supply. Add to that the suggestion of heated grips, heated seat — and the bike will be dead in 30 mins.

    I have a ’98 — the most I could do was to put a 2400 lumen LED in there. The gain from LED tail light and indicators is negligible (though still worth doing).

    (And well done for asking, before you spent money on creating a problem) …………
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    She's Home!

    After a good day at work, I hitched the trailer to the old granny car and headed north. After a 2 1/2 hour ride, I finally arrived. Met the seller, paid the rest of the fee, loaded her up, and brought her back home!


    Crazy to think I spent 5 hours on the road! But it's worth it. Reminds me of the trip I took to buy my very first bike almost 3 decades ago - but that was a solid 4 hours out LL!

    Can't wait to get that box of parts and start tearing her down so I can build her back up again! YaY!

    Tomorrow I'll head up to city hall to transfer the title, then peruse the 3-ring binder the guy gave me. After a quick glance, the original owner was pretty meticulous in keeping the bike in shape. The guy I bought it from was the second owner and admitted he didn't do much of anything for maintenance because it was seldom ridden.

    3 things I know I want to do immediately:
    1. Change the Oil
    2. Change the Air Filter
    3. Change the Brakes

    The brakes felt like they were sticking when I pushed it into the back yard. And, yes, it was in neutral Probably just a little corrosion from sitting for a while.

    It's late, but I'm too excited to sleep! Geeze, it's exciting to have another project again.

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    I was going to post a video inspection of the bike, but it appears I need to upload to YouTube first, and I just don't have the energy to edit stuff tonight.
    So here's a photo of the new baby and current cross-country transport. Yes, that is... or was, an old prison bus. Now it is a home-built RV.
    TW200 in backyard2.jpg

    It needs an inspection for next month, but I'm SO looking forward to getting out there and finding places to ride this summer.

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    She's officially MINE!

    Made it to the DMV before they closed after work today. Got the bike officially titled in my name and paid my dues to the City.
    Now to sell at least 1 of my other bikes so I can afford to insure, inspect & tag this puppy.

    In the mean time, here are some glamor shots. If I wait to edit the video from yesterday, you guys will never see this thing.







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