6000 Mile TAT ride starting July 2, need a bit of help
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Thread: 6000 Mile TAT ride starting July 2, need a bit of help

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    6000 Mile TAT ride starting July 2, need a bit of help

    Hi guys, first post here. I bought a 2001 TW in nice shape with 6000 miles on it. I've put about 700 miles on it and of course love it. I put a new chain and 47 rear sprocket on it. I'm doing half of the TAT in a few weeks and one of the challenges is that we are riding from Duluth, MN to Kansas to start, riding the trail to Oregon, then riding the highways back home to Duluth. So not only will a lot of miles be on the trail but 3000 miles will be trying to go as fast as I can comfortably on the highways.

    I don't NEED, but would LIKE to do jets and shims or whatever to the carb to get a tiny bit more power. I've read so much stuff that I am confused as to what to do. I'm going to keep original muffler. Does anyone have or know a link to a proven carb mod that will not over heat my bike and allow me to keep the RPM's high for full all day highway riding from the start to the end of the trail? Right now wide open it can do about 65-68 on the GPS but any wind or hills and it slows down. Should I call this good enough and live with it or is there more to be had power wise? I'd like to put jets in if people think they would help? But I don't want to hurt my reliability. I'd love to keep everyone posted on how the ride goes if anyone is interested?


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    I would rent a small u haul truck to get the bikes to the trail start.

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    Yeah don't worry the group (6 of us) has that all gone through and weighed every option and made up our minds. We're riding to the start, and riding from the finish to home in a loop. 2 guys live in Europe, 3 guys live in St Paul, and I'm way up in Duluth. My only question is if there was a consensus on the carb mod to get a bit more juice. I've got the rest figured out. Kind of one of those sleep in the bed I made type things. I am positive I can do the entire trip the way it is. I've done most of the really common mods already and like them all, was just hoping there might be some more power in the motor but I'm fine if not.
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    First of all, as TWilight would say WELCOME TO THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH. That being said, I'm the last guy on this forum to give mechanical advise, but I would think the oil cooler option would be of great benefit on a trip of this magnitude. Otherwise, short of just making sure your carb is set up properly, you have what you have. 200 cc's of fire breathing trail bike. I hope your butt is ready for the sacrifice it will surely make. And good luck and ride safe.
    Tom in Wichita

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    Tom, Roger that. HKLBRY, thank you so much that is great. OK I'm just going to leave everything the way it is. I rode down to St Paul to visit a couple of the guys and to try the bike's 47 tooth out. I liked it and will be changing it back to 50 down in Kansas before we start, then BACK to 47 for the long haul home....When I went to St Paul and back in the same day my butt was a bit sore (260 mile day). So speeds if anyone was curious: It SEEMED to add about 6 MPH to 5th gear. 4th gear could pull up to 60 now but I think that's wound all the way out and I normally didn't wind up that high. 5th gear could get up to 72 but this was nuts and the Shinko 244 would start to wobble a bit. The majority of the time it could hold 65-67 MPH but that's WOT. Hills and wind would drop this speed quite a bit, down to 60 on the worst hill. It did burn a bit of oil but never skipped a beat. The gas mileage at WOT for the whole 130 miles back was low; only 45, and 53 of the two tanks I burnt through. I think the best thing now is that it can do 60 fairly sedately and around that speed is what I plan to be sticking to for the highway portions 10-14 hours a day. I've ridden with Team Strange a few times and have been a life long highway rider so I know the mental challenges of this amount of highway hours, but at 60 MPH obviously my end of day mileage will be lower. We have off freeway routes all mapped out already. I don't have much posted but a public page on face book called "Trans American Trail 2015" is where I will keep the updates. I wanted a TW for things other than the TAT after we're done. I know the TW isn't a good TAT bike but that's OK. I'm going to try it and live with the consequences
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    It will be an adventure no matter what!

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    Hello and welcome! The 2001 should have come with a 126 main jet installed. I, many of us, have gone up to a 130 for a little better performance as well as opening up the air screw to 2 1/2 turns or so out from seated. I would at least consider moving up to a 128 main jet. Search around, plenty of threads on jetting.
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    I wish you good luck on your trip.
    Be safe, be careful. Make memories.

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    Hey, awesome, another person who wants to do the TAT on a TW200!!!

    First of all.... GOOD LUCK! Take photos and let us know how it goes.

    Second of all, I am not by any means a mechanic, but everything I've read on the forums seem to all agree that changing your sprockets to fit your ride style makes a world of difference. Hopefully, the expreienced mechanics on here will chime in, but I don't see why you couldn't carry spare sprockets and matching chains for each segment of your trip. When you plan to be on the pavement and need speed for long stretches (the getting to the beginning and coming home from the end), put the freeway sprocket set on the bike. Once you make it to the TAT, put on the dirt-bike sprockets and chain. This way, you'll customize your bike to fit the situation without stressing the engine too much. Yeah, carrying tools and sprockets and chains may seem like added space, but you'll need the tools anyway, and the sprockets and chain don't take up that much space.

    Might be something to think about.
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