The roads i run are not usually highways or really even secondaries. They are tertiary county back roads with nothing but twists and turns and who knows what such as deer, cattle, sheep etc. occasionally sharing the road with me. Having now pounded out a lot of miles in the last several months on both my trusty 2013 TW200 and my also, so far, trusty 2015 Honda CB300F, I must admit that for these really back road excursions I like the TW better. Why? First of all I don't have to end up shifting nearly as much. The Honda has a 6 speed and on secondaries and highways is definitely the better performer. But, in the tertiary country road that are my true running(racing??) delight the TW really shines the best. With the gearing so low and going up quickly(when I do, not always) and to @ 1st/10mph, 2nd/20mph, 3rd/30mph, 4th/40mph, and then 5th and rolling. However with the low gearing I can stay in 5th to 30 or so and if tight climbing switch back to 4th and occasionally 3rd for short periods. These roads require at least twice as many shifts on my Honda to maximize the ride. Also in really tight turning situations the TW with my 203/204 tires actually seems to track better than my Honda does. Also, in rapping up this thread, I actually like the clutch engagement being out at the end of the throw as it allows very quick shifting. I guess that everyone has their types of riding, and since most of the TW Forum is off road(hopefully not off balanced) this post is for those that ride as I do.