I'm looking into suspension mods, gearing and seat options.. or a new bike..again..
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Thread: I'm looking into suspension mods, gearing and seat options.. or a new bike..again..

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    I'm looking into suspension mods, gearing and seat options.. or a new bike..again..

    Hello all, it's been a while.

    I'm looking into suspension mods, gearing and seat options.. or a new bike..

    2011 Tw200- shinko 241- 14/47sprockets- cyclerack- clarke tank- atv high bend bar-s couple little farkels here and there...

    I recently moved north to an island near Alaska. (I live in canada.) Since getting here, my dual sporting and general riding- about has increased tenfold. The bike is great for short range putting about, trips down to the beach and low speed messing about in the dunes. I go for a scoot in the dunes for an hour or so, and sometime visit the coffee shop in town via the beach access. Riding in sand is very physical, and the conditions change daily depending on tide, rain and wind. Sometimes it is hard packed and the next day its sugar. If I ride for more than an hour, my butt is sore from the seat.

    I didn't ride MX as a kid, and my offroad exp is a fairly new thing. All my previous adventures were just on logging roads, no trails or dunes or sand... let alone catwalks and drifting on the beach! Is this normal? I know the TW doesn't have the best suspension, and there are option to firm it up but will that help? It feels like I need it to be softer and bottom out less...

    I've had a couple KLX250s bikes but again no serious offroading.. especially with the supermoto :P

    On longer trips down the slab, I develop a ciatic nerve twinge which it is quite painful. My longtime friend and motorcycle teacher said it was due to my feet and peg position more than the seat. (although it was a factor) The angle of my leg isn't good for trying to "sit up" on the seat to shift my weight due to the pain from the seat. I'm 5'11" with long legs and a slim build. I feel like I'm riding the gas tank all the time or trying to jockey back and forth on the seat to alleviate odd angles on my hips.. I'm only 27... It can't be age.... yet......

    What can I do? Get a seat pad? Firm up the suspension? Buy a dr650?

    I love the tw, but my gf didn't get her license in time (instructor only comes once a year) and I brought it up for her to learn on and as a toy I could enjoy.. now I'm getting more serious about offroading and the TW seems to be a bit lacking... kinda wish I still had my klx at this point but willing to take some suggestions for comfort and ability

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    This website has suspension and Seat Concepts Yamaha TW200 Parts and Performance - ProCycle
    Welcome to the Forum!
    EDIT:Seat Concepts are a brand of aftermarket seat foam and covers.
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    There is lots of options between firming up the suspension, a seat pad or purchasing a DR-650. Personally, given what you shared, I don't think the TW is for you. I think as well, a 650 would not be the answer (heavy). The TW can be made to do many things better, but it will still have notable limitations (power/speed). Likely, any bike you own will require some tweaking to deal with your nerve issue. Perhaps a 400cc dual sport would meet your needs. Gerry
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    I think an XT 225 or 250 might be a better choice given what you describe. The TW is a mule with a nice fat tire profile but does have some limitations that are hard to overcome. I personally do not appreciate the much taller bikes so the low seat height and fat tires work for my style and size. I am just shy of 5' 11" but with a 30 inch inseam. Seat concept has the seat solution and Pro Cycle sells some suspension upgrades. Getting any more juice out of the 200CC engine is a tough nut to crack and I personally question your sprocket selections given the riding you do 15/50 would be my all around choice and if you could live with less top end speed I might go to a 55 rear.

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    Hey all, thanks for the replies.

    First off, It was late last night when I posted this thread and missed my gearing mistake.. I'm running 14/50.. stock gearing. I was going to ask if 14/47 would be ok in the sand but got lost in translation.. As for the xt250, I would be really into a low price used FI xt250.. but couldnt find one before I moved north. The TW came to me from another member on this forum (inactive now) through an ad on craigslist. Got it fully loaded for 2750. If I sell it up here I can get 3500 minimum so it would be a big step towards a new bike.

    I have looked at the seat concepts option. The company does not ship to a P.O. box. If I try to order from procycle, the shipping is around 71.00 usd and then additional import costs and taxes at the border, not to mention brokerage fee... I went ahead and ordered the Coleman/Stearns/Mad Dog Atv seat pad from amazon.ca. It was 50 bucks after shipping. I reckon if it doesn't help at least I can use it on my next bike.

    Procycle is such a cool site, but the cost of shipping stuff is too much for me to justify paying for "extra stuff" When I lived near the border I could order stuff to washington and get a local company to fly it up. I would broker the import myself at the customs office and pay the taxes. Way cheaper and only way to get tires and batteries across the border.

    I've been looking at a DRZ alot lately... I've ridden one and it's a nice bike. I've also ridden a dr650. I like them both. I'm planning some longer distance trips for next spring or summer, likely across canada or at least to ontario. A drz could do it.. but keeping up to my buddy on his weestrom would be a challenge

    Thanks again for the suggestions

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    I would try padding up the seat more... get the Seat Concepts seat like others suggested, but talk directly to the Seat Concepts guy because he may be able to sell you a thicker foam version.

    I also agree the DR650, while an awesome bike, is probably too heavy for what you want. The DRZ400 would be my recommendation. I don't think the XT225/250 is enough of an improvement over the TW, in terms of power and height. The DRZ is a tall bike (37" seat height as I recall), so you should be golden on it. And it's lighter than advertised. Suzuki claims 330 lbs wet, but we weighed a friend's 2009 and it came in at 300 even.

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    hey drapes, where are you? your location says Victoria but the way your talking it doesn't sound like victoria

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    Could you not have the parts shipped to the US and take the ferry down and pick them up? Your welcom to ship here to me and pick up any time your down this way. Or I'm willing to meet you in Bellingham if that helps.

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    Sounds like the eternal problem of comprimize. Very hard for one bike to do it all.
    Even harder when your still learning what up. Will be hard to keep up with a V storm on a
    good off road unit. Difficult to enjoy/learn off road on a heavy bike. Get two bikes.
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