I needed luggage quick
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Thread: I needed luggage quick

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    I needed luggage quick

    I decided at the last second that I would take a 3 day trip into the woods on the TW. Problem was that I had no way to carry my camping kit.
    Good news was that I also tour on a bicycle . I have a few sets of bicycle panniers so I converted 1 set to fit the bike.
    Built the struts from 1/2" cold role.....
    I'll get into the specifics later . Thought I'd throw up a couple of pics before I leave.....Have a great weekend.


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    That'll work, nice!
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    I was going to say the exact same thing as RBM, then I read his post...ha ha

    Fine job Sir!! Fine Job!!

    *with over 40 years of fabrication experience, I think, just maybe, even I, could make those!! ha ha Great Job bro. Let us know how they perform on your trip. I may just have to get out the tools bro...I like it, I like it a lot!!

    Have fun on your excursiones into the woods.!!
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    That is exactly what I've been trying to picture! I knew there was a way, can't wait to hear some specifics, 'cause I'm stealin' this!

    Have a great weekend!
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    Nice. Is wonderful to see a fellow TWer make a system that fits like it should have been there all along. Very well done.
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    Good job! Yours are even simpler than mine...

    2015-04-18 15.03.15.jpg

    2015-04-18 15.04.23.jpg
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    Looks great
    I saw the funniest luggage idea yesterday. A guy had one of those triangle aluminum trailer tongue boxes mounted on the back of a KLR.
    If he falls over with that thing, he'll be one hurting unit...

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    I have looked at those for my trailer...a bit heavy to hang on the back of any bike...too much weight that far back.
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    I've had bicycle panniers hanging off the front cyclerack for years now. They work great, even at freeway speeds. Although a gallon of milk in one and a box of wine in the other makes for interesting steering. Luckily, the grocery store is right around the corner.

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    Had a good trip (Hot) but good . Rode all of the Nicolai Mountain riding area.
    The cargo system worked really well for a system designed and assembled on the fly.
    The bags are M-Wave bicycle bags that were modified to sling over the seat of the TW.
    The stock bags are designed to fit a 5 " bicycle rack . The TW requires 14" sling over once the bag struts are installed. It's a good thing that I know how to sew.

    1015141174 (5).jpg

    The luggage itself is a fairly inexpensive 2 piece set consisting of the saddle bags and a top suite case style bag that buckles to the tops of the saddle bags with adjustable straps once the bags are hung on the bike.

    1015141175 (5).jpg

    This allows me to strap my tent and sleeping bag between the 2.


    Then my bed role and stool behind the bags on the rear rack.
    The bike rode really well with the added weight , better than I expected , on and off the road. (50 lbs )
    I will admit that it feels a bit crowded with all of the gear behind me on the bike. I had to adjust my riding style on steep down hills. I guess that's the price for turning a TW into a mule....
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