New 2015 TW200, problem with Borrego Rack install
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    Question New 2015 TW200, problem with Borrego Rack install

    First of all, I love the bike. Overall, one hell of a commuter machine.

    How does one disconnect the directional light stalk from the wire harness? The directional light assembly has a hollow bolt in the middle, and the bolt that contains the wires that is ultimately supposed to go through the frame and the hole in the tab of the Borrego Rack. Does one have to take apart the lens, remove the light assembly, disconnect the harness, snake out the tube, install the rack, snake wires back in tube, and then rebuild the directional light assembly? Not in my lifetime.

    And....try not to laugh too hard as I am new to the culture and make, but getting the seat off was a small project. I used the smallest ratchet and 10mm socket I had, and I could not fit both the ratchet driver and socket into the space provided because the brace/mounting bracket is too narrow.. So I used a 10mm open wrench. If you take your seat off do you use a universal swivel adapter?

    Thanks in advance!
    Ride safe,
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    Howdy Howard!
    You should be able to pull apart the bullet connector on the turn signal assembly, connector is somewhere under rear fender, then wires and indicator shaft can be readily installed through new rack and frame.
    The seat removal can be done a variety of ways. A 10mm socket on 3 inch or so 1/4"extension and 1/4 drive ratchet works. I use a small swivel head 1/4" rachet and a 10mm socket. Many other favorite tricks including quick release fasteners are used by us.
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    Look under your seat, there should be a clear tube with your wiring running through it. Slide it over and you should have some quick disconnects joining the wires. You may have to cut the zip ties that secure it to the frame. Once disconnected you can unscrew the whole turn signal assembly from its frame mount.

    As for the seat bolt, yes they can be a challenge. I chose to modify my bolts and you can locate my thread by searching HKLBRY's seat bolt solution. There is also a thread called Mule nuts that has a similar design. These designs allow you to remove the seat without tools. I have even heard of a few guys who leave the bolts out and just use Velcro. Good luck.
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