TW200 custom / tracker / scrambler / cafe
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    TW200 custom / tracker / scrambler / cafe

    I have a TW200 sitting at our beach house in South Africa, it was bought brand new by my late father in law and has been sitting and rotting away for about 15 years. I have always considered bringing her back to life but could never find the time nor inclination to do so. After seeing what can be done to a TW in terms of customizing into a tracker / scrambler I have decided that that is exactly what I want to do, I think it will be a nice tribute to him too.

    Basically get the bike back to Cape Town, get it running again to make sure its not too far gone. Strip it, clean it, customize it.

    What I want to change are the following:
    Head light
    speedo / gauges

    The rest will pretty much be cosmetic (powder coating, painting, chroming etc...) What I want to know from you experts is:

    What tank do I look for? I have been told that so many tanks will work, from a XS400 tank to a DT tank, so I'm not sure what will definitely work on the bike. I like the look of an XS400 tank as it suits the build style I'm going for. Is there any other tanks that will work with a similar style to what I am going for???

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    Welcome from another South African!

    As far as tanks go, I would say XS400 for sure, it's just the cleanest looking in my opinion.
    As for the rest, your tastes will play a big part. I am very keen to see how you go, keep us posted.
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    I will definitely post on progress as I go along.

    Looking forward to it.

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    I know the XT 350 tank will fit, the only thing you'll have to do is add an extention mount for the rear bolt as detailed in

    Will any other tanks fit with little fabrication on to the TW?

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    Here is a link for a lot of pages of pictures of hollow modded TW's. Several different tanks are used throughout. Enjoy!!
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