What will stand up to offroad riding?
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Thread: What will stand up to offroad riding?

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    What will stand up to offroad riding?

    After driving offroad with a motorized mountain bike, I found that a lot of parts got destroyed. Breathers, mirrors, headlights...etc.
    I'd like to install a round headlight and windshield and would like know if you think they'd hold up to fast and bumpy offroad. I haven't picked out a windshield but I'd like something small and would like a handlebar mounted one to make install easier...What do ya think?

    GOODS : 5-3/4 Bates Light Kit [66-84158ATW]

    If anyone would like to post their "would it hold up" considerations add'm on!

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    If you want a shield get a jimbo shield. They are great and low profile.

    What are you trying to accomplish with the lights? Are you changing it for looks? Or are you looking for more light?

    If you are looking for more light LED's will be the way to go on a TW. Its electrical system is not setup for running a lot of extra electronics and LED's draw a lot less power and give off a ton of light.

    I have the Solstace LED's in the euro pattern that Pro cycle sells and they are fantastic. I have mine mounted up on the forks using some small brackets that PC also sells. The have stood up to a ton of offroad abuse.
    Here is what they looks like installed on the bike.
    Pair of 2006 TW's modded to the hilt and a Ducati Multistrada.

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    Hi TW. I'm wondering why you would want a windscreen for off road. I love the looks of the Jimbos the guys are speaking of. But if you are wanting serious windscreen functionality.....something to provide some comfort for street use, from wind, cold, rain etc., they do not seem adequate for that. I use this and find it is great. But not off road. Definitely not.
    I ride behind it to my off road destinations, usually less than 40 miles from home. Usually ten or less. When I get there I take it off and try to hide it in the woods.Takes less than 15 seconds to remove and about thirty seconds to remount.
    Works out pretty good for my application.
    It disappeared once and I thought I was out $75. A week later a ranger returned it to me with an admonition about littering. Then he smiled and asked me out~GiGGle~But for the comfort factor it is worth the risk to me. Now when I hide it I leave a note attached asking a 'finder' to please leave it be as it is not abandoned.

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    Love my Jimbo Shield, don't know why.
    Blocks access to my maps storage area. Taller height makes it harder to drag under obstacles
    Love my Jimbo Shield, don't know why.
    Doesn't block much wind, just looks cool.
    Love my Jimbo Shield, don't know why.
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    Haha...Fred the poet.

    I want a street look but driving mostly offroad. I like the look of round lights better. The windshield would keep my console area cleaner, cut down some of the wind and give me a better chance to hear engine. Now that I have some paint on my front fairing I like the look a bit better so the jimbo shield might be what I'm looking for. I was wondering were the jimbo shields were hiding. How do you go about procuring one a dem? I hear resistance is futile.
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    Like I've said before, the Jimbo shield is more farkle than functional. I have one for the same reason many others on here do, to support a forum member who made a high quality product, but it is not very effective in blocking the wind when you are on the road. Nippurr's solution is much better for on-road riding, and is quickly removable for off-road. The Jimbo shield is ordered direct from him, and you can find him on this site.

    This is from an old post from Jan 2011-

    For Ordering instructions or inquiries, email [email protected]

    Provide: Full Name and Forum name (if possible.)

    Shipping Address.

    Phone #

    And Color Preference (Grey, Amber, Dark or Light Blue).
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    Jimbo, it would be great if you could update your info with recent pictures of all the colors you offer!!

    By the way, he is a pleasure to deal with and makes a great product that is worth every penny.

    I love the Jimbo shield because it breaks just enough wind to keep my t-shirt from blowing up over my budda belly.

    I also have a pewter pin of the TW that Rhodetrip makes mounted on the front of it!! (another fine product our members make for us)

    Motorcycle Lapel Pin These are great, made by our own Mr. Rhodetrip. Quality U.S.A made. They look great on your bike, jacket, hat or wherever!! Dirt cheap too!! Every TW rider should have one!!! Just sayin....
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