Home made nexpensive tail bag for Tdub. $15
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Thread: Home made nexpensive tail bag for Tdub. $15

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    Home made nexpensive tail bag for Tdub. $15

    I think the bill added up to around $15. It's a Harbor Freight 12" by 9"20150725_161358.jpg20150725_161335.jpg20150725_161348.jpg20150725_161151.jpg20150725_162105.jpg tool bag mounted to one of their plastic cutting boards like for in a kitchen. For around $7, you get two cutting boards made out of white plastic, about a quarter of an inch thick. Using the smaller of the two, I cut off the handle on a bandsaw, but a hacksaw would be just fine. The idea is you're making a platform, exactly the same size as the tool bag. Now, using the worthless little rubber pad between the seat and the tail light as a template, mark the three holes on the cutting board and drill them out with a 1/4" drill. Now you can mount the cutting board right on top of the rubber pad. Not bad. A little bendy, but probably no big deal. Now you have a platform on the back of the bike. Grab that tool bag and hold it up on the platform and drill 4 holes right through the bottom of the bag and through the platform. Choose your drill size appropriately for the screws or pop rivets you will be using. I chose some 3/16", wide flange pop rivets and used wide flat washers appropriate to the 3/16" pop rivets. Doing this spreads the strains out over more of the bag material to lessen the chance of a tear. I put one rivet in each of 4 corners. Feel free to add more if you like. I left the handles on the bag in case I want to strap something else on top of the bag. I doubt I have over $15 in it and an hour of screwing around, plus I have the big cutting board left over.
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    Looks good, perfect for seven course meal (a six-pack and a bag of chips !).

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    Excellant creativity. For significantly more structural strength and weight capacity you can insert 9/16ths rod into the ends of your subframe ( look for, and remove plugs in subframe near the turn signals) and bend it up to support cutting board at the very rear. Your project is a good one. If you lose the OEM worthless rubber pad you can move whole assembly a bit closer to the seat. A few Bungies might hold bag more collapsed and rattle free when not loaded to the top. I like it!
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    Nice Bro!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TW-Brian View Post
    Looks good, perfect for seven course meal (a six-pack and a bag of chips !).
    You mean six pack and a paste.

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    Home made tail bag upgrades

    Thanks, guys. I've always been a bit of a scrounge, anyway. I like the idea of adding a little support at the rear. Didn't know about the sub frame idea. I purposely left the useless pad there because I wanted the room for a passenger.

    I was in a rush, but I intended on drilling a series of holes along both sides so bungee hooks could hook in them. Also thinking about cutting the handles on the bag and putting those snap connectors in there to cinch down the bag across the zipper.


    Quote Originally Posted by Devils Advocate View Post
    You mean six pack and a paste.
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    I like the way you think. Nice job.
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