Vinyl wrap for colour change ?
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    Hi everyone, has anyone on here used a vinyl wrap on the plastic panels to give a colour change. I have a Gray bike and would like to go either blue or White and wonder if this would be a suitable option to painting the plastic covers and fenders . Thanks in advance. David

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    I have purchased vinyl wrap and plan to put it on my plastics and gas tank this fall or winter.

    There are at least two topics that I know of in the performance and customization topic in this forum where others have used vinyl wrap or discuss it. One is "Help me fix this look" and the other is "Talkin' Wrap". Both have some good information on the subject.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for pointing me to the previous posts. I'm off to see the local wrap man today to get some material to have a try. Nothing ventured , nothing gained.

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