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    Hey guys, So I want to get a smaller rear tail light to clean up the arse of my TW. My local dealer had a aftermarket kit that for a WR250R that has L.E.D. lights inside. I am sure I will have to retro fit it in place but that is fun for me. Do I need anything wiring wise to make that work or can I just hook up the wires and turn the throttle?

    my bike is 2001.

    any other suggestions for a smaller rear light?

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    Is it the DRC EDGE2? I had that mounted on my old bike. I got just the light and made a bracket with aluminum angle. I'm sure buying it with the bracket would work out just as well. It's as easy as bolting it on and wiring it up. But be careful the wire colors don't match up, test them first.
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    just lights should work. If your gonna use LED turn signals then you need a electronic load relay

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    Is that only with turn signals?

    LED taillight - wires up fine?

    LED headlight - wires up fine?
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    The TW flasher works by getting hot, which flips a switch, cool off, flip the switch back, getting hot, repeat. LEDs don't draw enough power to get the flasher hot, so it doesn't flip the switch. Pull the original flasher and visit any auto parts store to match up with an electronic flasher that is not load sensitive. About $10. Problem solved.

    Make sure your new lights are DOT-approved. If not, any LEO who feels like being a prick can write you a ticket, and in some areas can impound your bike. Worse, some aftermarket LED conversions are so dim might as well not have any lights at all to warn that texting cheerleader in the car behind you that you are stopping.

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