For those of you thinking about mounting the Bestem T-Box 2012 on a cyclerack, it can be done with some slight mods. This box lets me lock my helment and gloves in the box while I fetch groceries and the integrated brake light is really nice.

The box needs to be raised 4" above the cyclerack to clear the U-shaped bend in the rear of the rack. I managed to do this with a 2x6 sandwiched between two pieces of plywood. The plywood is u-bolted to the cyclerack. I may change the riser to aluminum u-channel.

The box connects to 12 volt disconnect that I soldered to the yellow and black wires leading to the taillight. This leaves an option of attaching an alternate brake light that is not integrated with the trunk.

As you can see from the pic below it sits far enough back not to crowed the seating area.


Here is a tail view

Here is a pic of the mount with the trunk removed.