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    Wonder if someone can recommend a brand that fits well on the protaper high bend 7/8 bars?
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    Quote Originally Posted by STEVE IN SOCAL View Post
    Wonder if someone can recommend a brand that fits well on the protaper high bend 7/8 bars?

    I have ProTaper KX High 7/8 bars on my DR and had no trouble with Zeta Armor handguards (bend style) and XC deflectors...

    The built-in LED signals are a nice addition as well. I've since scrapped the stock indicators.

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    My Dad has Tusk D-Flex hand guards on his Pro Taper Type SE ATV hi-bend bars. They fit well. You can search this forum for hand guards as there is a lot of info about them. Type in site:tw200forum.com hand guards into Google. But I have some pictures for you to help you out. The cross bar on the handle bars make fitment a little tight, but they do fit nicely.

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    I just found these today:

    TMS Guards

    Not sure if they'll fit, but for $25, it's an easy gamble!
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