06 fork swap to 98
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    I just picked up another JDM Tracker style TW200 and I forgot that 98's have drums up front, my question is can I just directly slide out my 06's forks and slide them into my 98? Obviously I'd swapping over they brake components. I also noticed that my 06's forks seem to sit taller than the 98 but the 98's had maintenance done to them more recently.

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    Yes it can be done but you need all the parts. Sounds like you have two bikes which would mean you have all the parts!

    But yes, it will fit.
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    It's simple, but there are a few details which will need to be addressed as far as the completeness of the swap.

    The lower triple tree on a late-model is drilled and tapped for the brake hose support. You'll need to drill and tap the triple on the older bike, swap the lower triple or find another means of securing the hose. The lower triples are cast iron, so to do a proper job you'll need to remove the triple and put it in a drill press, anyway.

    The brake switches and plugs are different. You'll need to cut and splice the plug from the early bike onto the switch of the late bike. Early model brake and clutch switches will not fit into the perches of disc levers, and vice-versa. You can swap the perches, but then you'll have to rewire both bikes for the plug ends in either case.

    Your early model throttle housing is oriented differently and your starter button will now point down toward the ground ( under the bars ) because of the master cylinder. So you'll need to rewire late-model right side switchgear to the bike or learn to live with it.

    They're all the same internally and all should be the same height when at rest. It's possible someone cut the springs or spacers in the older bike to lower it. I'd put it back to stock then slip the tubes up in the trees if you want to lower it.

    There's absolutely no difference in braking effectiveness between the disc and drum TW front ends (trust me, I own both and have tested both for stopping distance, side-by-side.My wife's bike has drums, and if I thought for one minute they were less effective the discs would be on hers). I converted mine, but I wouldn't bother with it again. Slight nod to the disc if you do a lot of water crossings, but I doubt that's an issue with a tracker. The disc setup is a pound or two heavier. If you like the look or prefer feel of discs, have at it, but if you're on the fence about the swap you won't neccessarily get "better" brakes as a result.

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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    i want to take off the headlite, speedo, lightbox, etc

    have JUST a BIG headlight !


    i found a LOT of brackets on eBay..

    anyone know the diameter ? I don't have measure tool here ..


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