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    Got the bikes apart, wanted to show what the Krylon Fusion Khaki color looked like. I was torn between the Army Green and this but think this color is good.

    Also painted the bracket black, as well as ditching the colored fork boots for black...

    Will give full report when done.

    Luckily my friend is in the biz and gets most parts well as having a full on shop.
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    Thanks for this I'll be following intently!
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    Fun isn't it! Your color scheme is pretty much the way I went. I also removed everything off and painted the frame khaki color also. It's been over a year since I painted mine and it has held up pretty darn good. However, I did not use fushion, just regular paint with a clear coat. It was hard and long work, but I like the color. Unfortunately, mine is covered up by saddlebags, rear seat cushion for the dog, so you don't get to see the side panels and rear plastic in their full color glory much. he he

    Looks white, but it's not. Flash brightened it up. This is when I was started to put it back together.

    Almost done. Everything except the tank. Avatar shows most of it now except I use a larger gas tank now.

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    Do others have thoughts/tips/recommendations for painting the frame? Keep in mind I have almost no mechanical experience, so pulling the engine out sounds daunting, but maybe it's doable. I know powder coat is best, but that might out of the budget. Someone in another post recommended heat resistant black paint for stove pipes. I should note there is a small bit of rust on my '96 frame. What have others done? What do you recommend? Anyone used Krylon on the frame?

    Thanks everyone!
    . . .

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    I really like the colour keep up the good work

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