Any suggestions?
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Thread: Any suggestions?

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    Any suggestions?

    Hi everyone! New to the forum (although I've been a reader for a while). I've recently acquired a 2007 TW200 (3rd owner, 12880 miles, originally purchased by my Dad and second owner was close to the family). I'm currently dealing with the base gasket problem and will be installing new rings on reassembly. Chain and sprockets are also worn out and I'll be replacing those with a 15/50 combo. New OEM tires. Other than the leak the little beastie seams to happily accept anything I challenge it to and the only reason I'm changing the final gear ratio is to hopefully gain a little top end speed on the pavement. Can anyone think of anything important I need to know? Are there any suggestions about what I've mentioned or maybe things not mentioned? All input is appreciated! Thanks ahead of time and happy trails!
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    Look at a new front tire and handgaurds. I use Tusk handgaurds and they have been great, others may have different suggestions. The Shinko 241 front tire seems universally accepted as excelent on road and off, I don' t have it, so I can't comment with any authority other than what I have read here. Those two items will reduce the likelihood of crashing and the likelihood of getting stuck withoit a clutch or front brake out in the boonies.
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    shinko 244 or 241 are both better options than the stock tire.

    you can check out the links below in my signature for other modification options, but mostly ride it and enjoy.

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    I would leave the front sprocket alone and change the back one. Less to go wrong and easier to do.
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    Ken is online now
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    Welcome to the forum. The base gasket was the only thing ever wrong with mine. Other than that normal maintenance until 42000 miles. I changed the base gasket and didn't change piston or rings the cylinders still measured in spec and looked great. Enjoy the ride.
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    Unless maintaining a stock configuration is important to you I would recommend not buying a new stock TrailWing tire for the front. Something like the Shinko 241 will likely yield a safer, better handling TW experience.
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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Unfortunately the new tires were already on by the time I started reading your replies and doing the extra research - Shinko's front & back next time. Base gasket got kind of mangled getting the piston & rings back into their home and she leaked just a little right away. With less than 100 miles into the new set (plenty of time to get it hot and cold a couple of times) I went ahead and did the no-no. I untorqued the head/cylinder assembly, carefully lifted it about 1/16" and used a pair of teeezers to gently ease the base gasket a wee bit farther under the cylinder (it appeared to be pooched out just a smidge) and re-torqued everything going 1 pound o er spec (reason being is everything had already been squished to spec once). I'm here to tell you it hasn't leaked one single drop ever since. I'm not new to engine rebuilds and machine shop work so I know you're never supposed to do this, but I took the chance and prevailed. The sprocket change makes it a whole new bike! In my opinion Yamadog should have done this in the first place! I now can use 1st and 2nd gear, 3rd is a powerhouse and on the pavement I can cruise at around 67 same rpm (feels like it to me anyway) that 50 was before. I can't complain about 74 mpg either. Field day coming up for us ham radio operators in June, I look forward to loading it to the gills and camping out. Keep the suggestions coming, I'm all ears!
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    Oh yeah, forgot to mention, that was all about 700 miles and 3 oil changes ago. She feels spry as a teenager ready to play now and it's hard to keep it reasonable in our 50 zone :-)
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    Build it to a 230 , 6 speed!
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