My trail stand
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Thread: My trail stand

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    My trail stand

    Made this to help me out when I am away from my shop and modified floor jack. It's made out of #4 rebar and 1/2" tubing. Pretty good interference fit which keeps the wobble out. Made in four pieces. One mounted to TW and the rest stored in tool tube.image.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpeg

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    You need to be ready to start taking orders
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    Beef up the retaining nub. Paint it black. Call it "The Third Leg" made in the U.S.A and consider this your first order. $25.00 plus shipping. Sell the replacement part that bolts on to the bike for $5.00 plus shipping, but for the ones you order with the stand, $3.00. I will take 2 replacement brackets.

    This product may be endorsed as the best trail stand in the world. The masses just may be counseled that nobody should buy any other trailstand. Email me to confirm this order. [email protected]

    Thank you. MBW
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    Wasn't planning on building these and selling them but anything is possible. Just used scrap I had laying around. Wasn't exactly what I wanted but it works. Already welded a piece of expanded metal to foot to keep from slipping and drilled the foot to the extension piece so the foot doesn't fall off durin installation. Agreed that I need heavier gauge tubing and the about a half inch longer piece on the nub. Also looking at a nub up front so don't have to put a rock or log under the skid plate to remove the front tire.
    I put my projects on here because I like to share and I get a lot of ideas from you guys also.

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    Great idea, and here's a few more--

    Out in the woods. put a piece of wood, metal, or a squished can under it to keep it from digging into the dirt.
    There are lots of variations on this, and these are easy to make out of angled aluminum or similar.
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    Yup, good idea! I hope you sell. A lot of them!
    I stole my idea from online somewhere, using the bottom portion of an old aluminum crutch.
    The holes in it, make it adjustable, so it collapses down to fit in a tool tube, and extends to fits several of my bikes.
    It has a simple T bracket at the top with a lip, so it doesn't slip out from under the swing arm, fastened to the top of the crutch tube by a rubber threaded bung for the bolt through that bracket.
    Original rubber crutch tip down at the bottom.
    I get the crutchs for almost free at the local thrift store and was asking them and giving them away to friends.
    It only costs me a bolt and a thread d rubber cork thingy.
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