aftermarket handlebars, throttle cables short, advice?
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    I was looking for a better feel and I had some atv handlebars laying around, I like the fit/feel but the throttle cables will not reach (maybe 2-3 inch short). I tried rerouting the cables but they tend to bind in every position I try. anyone have a fix for this? 1987 left side cables

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    The bind isn't from your cables.

    File the nubs (the ones that fit into the holes on your old bars) off the inside of the control housings. That's your throttle bind.

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    Someone had mentioned rotating the throttle cables to underneath the handlebars for a couple extra inches.

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    Just curious, why do so many people mention they changed the handle bars? Are the stock handle bars that bad? I can understand wanting them higher, but I was under the impression that was done at the riser, not the handle bar.

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    I have put installed taller bars (ATV High) on several bikes, since the cheap bars can be found for under $25. Risers I've seen are usually more. Some folks like higher quality bars that won't bend so easily. I just plan/hope to fall less...
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    Risers are cheap. Someone on here had the bright idea to just use an extra set of handlebar clamps so I picked up a set of ttr's off ebay for 7 bucks. Granted I had to drill out a bigger hole in them but that was about 2 minutes of work. Flipped my original clamps upside down and used the ttr's to cap it. Just right for me.
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    i just put atv bars on my tw as well...i had to reroute the throttle cable around the front bolt holding my clarke tank to the frame

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    I bought the atv high bars a few months ago and i'm glad I did. They make a huge difference and the only adjustment needed is routing the throttle cable and grinding off the nubs on the throttle housing. Got them from powersportsuperstore and they are so much more comfortable than just using the tusk risers.
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    Are you using ATV bars and risers? I'm debating to swap the bars or just get risers (mainly want it higher for the xt250 tank mod that is currently in the mail)

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    here is the excerpt from my install on rerouting and the final pic of which order

    undo this bolt and move cables over

    bilt removed gives you easy access to move throttle cable over the to the right of the forks

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