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    I've started out on a hollow mod for my 07 TW. I removed the airbox and put in the aftermarket(k&n) filters, and so as expected I now have an empty hole where the battery belongs. So now my question, are there any simple ways to create something to hold the (stock) battery in place? I've heard of using sheet metal, but for some reason my local hardware stores don't carry any. I'll probably end up taking a trip to Lowe's, but in the meantime I'd like for the bike to at least be rideable. Would it be possible to cut out the stock battery holder from the stock airbox and mount that? Right now I'm stuck using an old skateboaring knee-pad fastened by velcro and zip-ties, it does the trick and holds well but I wouldn't risk bringing it out on the road.

    Heres a couple pics of the bike so far, still a lot of work to be done.

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    A biscuit tin if you can find one the right size but you really wanna build a sheet metal one if you wanna keep your stock battery.

    Have you considered a gel battery which is a lot slimmer & can be placed on its side in your under seat tray? Much neater.

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    Quote Originally Posted by workinprogress View Post
    Would it be possible to cut out the stock battery holder from the stock airbox and mount that?

    Yes. On the 'old' forum there was a guy who trimmed down his stock battery box and used that.

    Ah ha... after some searching, I found it!

    His build is documented on this link:

    Next step was the battery holder/standard air box.

    i didnt want that big and bulky box and air filter unit to spoil the bike, so i trimed it all down, and just left enough of it to suport the battery.

    we replaced the standard air filter with a small one, and hid all the wireing up under the seat.

    This is how it looked before.

    triming it down, and fileing down all the edges...

    Of course, that will still hang down a ways into the "hollow":

    Check out my custom TW200 build Hidden Content .

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    4 lithium ions in a flat-4 arrangement will fit under the seat at the top of the stock battery location and not even show.

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