New Street mods...
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Thread: New Street mods...

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    New Street mods...

    I love my new to me 2014 TW200! It had low kilometers and was in mint condition, and it's my first bike which is great to learn on.

    While it seams most people here modify the tdub for more utility purposes, I thought I'd share my first customization geared a little more towards the street...

    There are so many customized tdubs out there, so inspiration is endless. My favorites are the scrambler style mods done by T W BASTARDS, Twin thing, and Deus...

    Realistically, I won't be riding much offroad so there are a few things I want to change and make my tdub a little more customized and personal...

    The first thing I did was cover up the horrid blue fenders with black plasti dip to make it a little more subdued... it's temporary as new plastics are hard to find and rather expensive. You can get so many colours and specialty finishes with plasti dip, I may just go that route for quick and easy colour changes based on my mood

    I do not like the look of traditional dirt bikes and the rear fender just looks wrong to me so I shortened it... I removed the subframe and rear cowling and made a bracket to hold the rear fender and tail light... I moved the oem turn signals directly to the side of the fender into new holes, but will be replacing them will smaller versions soon...

    Removed the rear cowling...

    I know some of you may not see the point of such mods as they do hinder it's utility, but the simplicy of this bike just begs for customization of any kind made to suit it's owner... I love this bike!

    Removed the bolts and took off the fender...

    I made a prototype out of wood before committing to metal...

    Then I fabricated the bracket out of 6061 aluminium and some 1/4" bolts that I will be replacing with better ones later...

    It may look pretty funny now in its current state as I still need to cut and shape the bracket to look less squarish and paint it...

    I drilled holes in the fender beside the tail light and added the turn signals just like they are on the Japanese TW225... I will adding smaller signals later...

    Overall I shortened my tdub by 7 1/2" and in my opinion streamlined the rear considerably. I loose cargo capacity but I still should be able add a cycle rack later for longer trips and remove it again when I'm done...

    The biggest consideration when bringing the rear fender closer to the rear wheel, is clearance when the rear shock is fully bottomed out... while testing I cannot get the fender to touch the wheel, but I will be cutting off a portion of it so it never does... I'm pretty sure very bad things would happen if it did...

    I plan on adding an AdMore Light bar with integrated turn signals above the taillight to increase the awareness to drivers behind me...

    A work in progress...
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    You are enjoying it, have fun. How about street pegs? I haven't seen anyone that drives the TW on the street add street pegs yet. They would definitely reduce vibration. I may have an old bent Radian foot peg I was thinking about testing just to see if it fit. It was rubber isolated so vibration would be reduced. I rode 100 miles one day with steel shank boots at about 60 mph and I was vibrating every where.
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    First ride with the new mods... so good!
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    Looks good!! kA Rack with a backrest would be Sweeeeeeet

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