Rear Tire Choice
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Thread: Rear Tire Choice

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    Rear Tire Choice

    The Shinko 428 looks way more street oriented than the stock Trail Wing rear tire. My question is how is the 428 off road? The TW is the most timid motorcycle I've owned since my 77 KE 100 40 years ago. Im thinking the TW barely makes enough power to make a difference in rear tire choices. I'd like the opinion of someone that has experienced both

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    You need the opinion of someone who has used the tw 203/204 vs. the tw 31/34 or the 428. The 428 looks like a decent inexpensive choice for mostly onroad use.

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    Bananachunks ran something similar to the 428 on several odd-road oriented group rides and did fairly well on firm soil and slikrock granite. Wet loose soil, mud or snow performance would logically suffer, however Bananachunks successfully made it through some loose sandy rides with us.ZZ28199_A.jpg
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    I had the 203/204 when I first got my bike, and they are ok for a fire roads or gravel roads. Put a shinko 241 and the stock rear on and lost nothing on the street and gained tenfold off road. If I could do over I would have never spent the money on the 203/204. Just my opinion.
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    Truly amazing what Bananachunks could do off road with those street tires!

    When I obtained my 97 tw it had the stock tire on it. Not too long after that I changed it out for the current trail wing.
    It works well, however, on real slippery stuff I have accidentally broke it loose with great surprise!

    Timid? yes, by comparison. Sufficient power to break the rear end loose unexpectedly? Affirmative & proven.

    The current trail wing is a good choice given what is available. If there ever became a slightly more aggressive alternative that required no modification to the bike I would be on it... And many have wished for such.

    IMHO the trail wing is a good all around tire if you are riding anything close to 70%/30% street/dirt. Bananachunks rode 98% street / 2% dirt. Also he is in my opinion a very talented rider.

    If you will be frequenting the off road, then the trail wing is a good choice. My 2 cents. m.

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    Junior Member nobade's Avatar
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    I've been thinking about trying a set of 428s, anybody else have opinions on them by now? Mostly street with gravel and hard pack roads, seldom rains around here.
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    Cheng Shin once made a tire that matched the Trail Wing rear. Alas, no longer. I had one on a used TW I bought and rehabilitated. It was probably 5+ years old but still handled very well. Many users report than other Cheng Shin tires are very soft and wear fast but hold good as they wear.
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    I ran 203 204s for years even on snow. I now run 244 and TW34 but I would not say the difference is that huge. If I did not ride off-road so much I would definitely choose 203 204s.
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    I just mounted a set of 428s yesterday, so far just running around town they are great. Considerably quieter than stock and very stable. I also fitted 15-47 gearing, so more street oriented now since I ride my KTM off-road mostly. I don't know how they'll do in the dirt, but will find out soon enough. Can't see them doing too well in mud though.

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