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    I bought this TW200 2008 from a shop around the corner from my house - a 500 yard walk. $5000 (US$4000) on the road with a new set of tires, sprocket and chain, gaskets fixed, mini box, GPR bars, new grips, new mirrors and a clean up the paint work. That's about half the price of a new one here - crazy prices for bikes here. It has done 19,800 miles and burns about 100mL of oil every 200 miles.

    BTW to work on my bike I have to do in the basement of my condo - I've pretty much used the back of my Subaru Forester as a tool and parts bench from the get go. The Forester is similar to the TW200 in some respects - a bit of an unknown, much maligned cult car that is a cult car for a darn good reason.

    So far I have;

    1. Fitted a 15T front sprocket - it helps 1st get a bit further - along with a DID O Ring chain. I left the new 50T on the back.

    2. Fitted some Daytona Hyper pads to the front from Japan Webike - I have mixed feelings on these - I think I should have just bought stock ones. They don't bite as well as they should. I really want a bigger disk as well.

    3. Fitted some DRC wide steel footpegs. I think these are cast. Also from webike - a good change out - I'm happy with them.

    4. Fitted a blue Jimbo screen - good buy.

    5. Stuck a bunch of stickers on it!

    6. Made up a toolkit.

    7. Fixed a deadly stator problem I caused myself.

    I plan to;

    1. Change the brake line to a aluminium hose.

    2. Change the rear shoes to EBC

    3. Change the jetting and shim the slide in the carb. I bought this jetset from webike - a cheap and good deal! Jets

    4. Change the read tail light to LED (ordered off ebay).

    5. Thinking of fitting these Hella driving lights with H3 LED bulbs - that's about 300 Lumens all up and for only 1AMP total.

    6. Possibly splurging on a cam, high comp piston / rebore and FMF exhaust if I can get a legal one.

    7. Service those forks! Arrggh - why is there no drain bolt!

    I guess I'll find plenty more to do. It's so good to have a workable bike - I almost bought a H-D Nighster instead for 4 times the price! I love the H-D cafe racer look but it's very hard here to do much to them legally so I'm not going that route.

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    I am looking forward to seeing what you do!!! Hella lights, YES!!!

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    Update on the Hella's - I put some $2 LED H3 replacements in. Not exactly a brilliant light. Opinions?

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