Mild customization basic questions
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Thread: Mild customization basic questions

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    Mild customization basic questions

    I'm new to the TW world with a recently acquired almost new 2015 TW200. I'd like to start in on some very basic simple modifications based on an ebay bike I had seen a few years ago (these photos). Things like a round headlight, replacing plastic fenders with metal fenders like these, small-scale turn signals, a smaller tail light, etc. Not planning to replace gas tank or seat at this point, just trying for a bit more of a retro look and get rid of some of the plastic.

    Any sourcing advice for such parts would be so helpful. Best round headlight replacement? Best turn signals, best tail light, best metal fenders? etc. I've got some skills (and tools), but looking for items that work well with TWs and don't require a lot of further customizing. If someone's already compiled a list of recommended items like this, please let me know where I can find this info. Thanks -- TWB
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    Welcome to the forum!

    The look that you are trying for is commonly referred to as a "hollow mod" style. It primarily involves removing stock parts such as the airbox, passenger pegs, instruments, plastics, etc., and replacing the headlight, fenders, etc., with parts from Japan. You should be able to find most of what you need at:


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    Love the look of that bike in the pictures. I also like the fact that the TW is still lurking inside that fancy looking street bike. I am chuckling to myself to think of riding that fancy bike to the places we were yesterday.

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    The round headlight is the most common conversion, almost any “universal” one will fit, but make sure you’ve got enough room to stuff the electrics into it, or you’ll end up with a birds nest. Might be worth looking at an LED headlight conversion while you’re at it, you’ve got around 55W to play with, but only go for the LED bulb, as it will give you many more options on the headlight shell itself.

    The “clocks” are best left as they are, or you’ll be back here asking “what do I do with all these wires”, at which point we’ll just shrug. There is a fairly easy option on the speedo however — just locate one from a TW225 — (round) straight swap. The other three lights are a bit more problematic.

    There are some nice seats out there — mostly from Japan (and expensive) — or you can improve the comfort level (foam and seat cover) by keeping an eye on the “classifieds” section on here — they come up regularly, and use the existing seat base (unlike the Jap imports)

    Changing the fuel tank is also problematic. Although you could go for the “Clarke” tank (fibreglass/plastic) for increased capacity, they are still “butt ugly”. There are very few other (mostly Yamaha) tanks that can be fabricated to fit, but they often require severe mount modifications.

    There’s someone on here called “Joemamma” who occasionally does extended swinging arms, but don’t tell him I sent you, or he’ll start spitting feathers.

    Rear disc conversions start at ridiculous prices, unless you have someone with serious welding skills — you could gold plate the frame for less.

    Depends on what direction you want to go in — but I’d recommend getting to know your bike first before spending a lot of money on the way it “looks” (and then changing your mind)

    Have a think about it, then ask more questions — there’s not a lot that has been done to these bikes that we (the hive mind) haven’t tried already, and there’s nothing worse than making a mistake.

    Welcome to the board — (and I hope you’ve got deep pockets) ……………
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