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    I just bought a 2001 TW 200 and have a few questions on it. I have read about every post on here I can find on the carbs and jetting and am unsure on why my bike would have a #120 jet in it. I am pretty sure no one has been into the carb before me. Everything I have read on here says they came with a #125 jet from the factory. Are the factory jets hex shaped? I ordered a #128 from my Yamaha dealer, a yamaha jet and it is a hex. I also ordered the ajustable needle. 2001 seems to be the crossover year, so I would not have the early carb, would I?, meaning the small jet #s.

    Also no-one on here mentions anything about the tiny spring that sits on top of the needle and goes shooting into outerspace when you pop the needle out of the diaprham - fyi.

    What are the correct valve lash specs please? I don't want to download the service manual at work.


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    Intake: 0.05-0.09 mm (0.002-0.004 inches)

    Exhaust: 0.11-0.15 mm (0.004-0.006 inches)
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    Im at almost 3,000 miles and decided to do my valves yesterday. Got everything apart only to find they were within spec and needed nothing. Guess I'll check again in a another few thousand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fort Payne View Post
    Im at almost 3,000 miles and decided to do my valves yesterday. Got everything apart only to find they were within spec and needed nothing. Guess I'll check again in a another few thousand.
    I'm about to catch you mileage-wise with my 09! You can practice setting the valves on mine if I can ever get you over here to ride! Looking forward to it!

    A figure eight route would be a nice ride around Talladega NF. If we start at Piedmont (heading south <on 500?> and west) and ending near Sylacauga, then north up the Skyway, swing around Cheaha to head east toward Lineville. From there, we can head back to Piedmont. My guess is that is a 75 - 85 mile run / maybe 4 hours of saddle time.

    We should invite Boedy, Twisty, Driver, Joel, BuddyMc, and you so we have a good size group to "thunder through the forest".
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    Plus a "new to me" 1995 Yamaha Virago XV 750G for Pavement Purposes!!

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