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Thread: My TW Build Thread

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    I've been lurking on here for about a year now, and been gathering a plethora of info and ideas for my TW. I figured I'd make a small build thread because I know I've taken a little info from there, an idea or two from here, etc. and it helped me a lot to see the different combos people have done on theirs, so maybe mine will help someone else the same way. I'll be updating this thread as I do more mods, now on to the info...

    I got my tw a little over a year ago as a trade for a four wheeler I had, I had never ridden a bike on the road and was pretty much looking for anything, someone offered my these and I accepted.

    2005 TW200, only thing previous owner had done was regular maintenance and changed the rear sprocket to a 47t.

    So far I have done:

    -New 42t rear sprocket, 14t front sprocket and a chain(cruise at 60-65 without me feeling like the motors gonna blow, haha)

    -Change oil with Mobile 1 full synthetic

    -Hollow Mod, for the most part, still using stock battery, need to get one of the thinner batteries and make a smaller box

    -Round headlight off of a Yamaha FS1 (fits almost perfectly on the stock mount, you could use either spacers or bend in the bracket some, I did the 2nd)

    -Shorter front blinkers

    -Ignition relocated to under seat

    -Blaster shock body, but took off the blaster spring and put the stock tw one on with a coil over helper spring under it to take up the space (in between the two is a plastic piece that centers the springs) RIDES AMAZING, I'm a big boy so I pretty much bottomed out the blaster spring just sitting on it, the tw spring was great, but not tall enough for me, this was probably one of my favorite mods so far.

    -Integrated tail/brake/blinker/plate frame

    -Drag Specialties speedo with indicator lights, ratio 2240:60 just in case others were curious

    -DG R Series slip on

    -Wide foot pegs for 50 bikes

    -Acerbis supermoto black front fender

    -Pro Taper High Bend ATV bars jet black model# 02-5257 (installed tonight, no pics yet)

    -EBC high performance clutch kit (not installed yet)

    -Green anodized oil fill cap (took a guess on one that fits the wr and yz bikes, worked perfect, same thread!)

    -Neon green PWC fuel line

    -Chrome fuel cap from a FS1 (was also on other older models)

    -Yamaha Shock Covers

    -Bridgestone tw203/tw204

    -Pro Taper pillow top MX hand grips(green/black ones now)

    -Extended kickstand 3.5"

    -Painted tank black and removed bottom plastic tabs, tried many different paints, none were gas resistant, so far engine paint has worked, but still going to either paint it for real or powder coat eventually

    The to-do list:

    -Black seat cover

    -Finish the hollow mod box

    -Smaller battery

    -Kick Starter

    -Put my green yamaha logos on my tank

    -Strip to frame and remove plastic mount tabs and what ever else I'm not using

    -Powder coat or paint triple tree, swing arm, etc.

    -Extend swingarm

    -TTR stainless pipe or the pipe people have that goes under the motor, but don't know what it's called or where to get it

    I believe that's about it, so on to the pics, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

    Just after painting the tank:

    The speedo that didn't work:

    My customized speedo (left corner led is neutral, right corner led is blinker (this is now off and replaced with a drag specialties speedo):

    Round FS1 headlight:

    Before I extended the kickstand:

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    May 2011
    It said I posted too many pics, so here's the rest...

    And full pics:

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    Southcoast MAsshole
    great job...very clean!

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    It looks like a "Works" bike. Nice.

    "WORKS" bikes were one-off bikes that factory rides had up until the late 80's or early 90's. No one could touch them as far as technology. Parts usually consisted up the lightest materials...titanium, magnesium etc. Then they crushed them so no one could see what future technology the companies were working on.

    Here is an example: RC 250

    The "WORKS" Honda RC 500

    The Stock Honda CR 250

    The Stock Honda CR 500
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    May 2011
    Thanks guys, is "works" a type or brand of bike or something? Never heard of it before. Ill have some new pics today with the bars and the shock setup I did last night. Probably throw on my decals too. Tank just looks naked with nothing on it. Haha

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    some good ideas here...just don't make it too pretty where you shine it more than you ride it

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    May 2011
    Oh, don't worry. this bike will always be ridden, although, barely ever on on trails, if any. The occasional rail road bed but that will be about it.

    Updated pics:

    New bars:

    New shock setup, blaster shock body, tw spring, and helper spring out of a car coil over to fill in the slack.

    New tires, going on tomorrow:

    Wheels off:

    Forgot to add that I also relocated the ignition:

    Here's a pic of the tail, circles have the blinker/brake/tail all in one:

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    Cayce, SC
    Lookin good. I really like the speedo mod. Although it is hard for me to see why someone would want to limit the tw to street-only use. To each his own I guess.
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    Craigerk, I'll also be using my TW for street use only..

    i have a question on tires.. i'm trying to pick between the bridgestone slicks 203/204 (looks like your going to use them) or the bridgestone nubbed tires (34 it think)..

    Have you road both styles in the rain? I'm a new rider so my worry is the slicks will be a bit slippy in the rain.


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