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    K760 question

    Well i think im ready to order a k760 for the front and no matter how hard i search i cant find anyones review after using both the 120 and 110 widths. I see the 120 is nearly a pound heavier, but not sure what those with experience might say about handling between the two. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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    I am about to purchase a k760 as well. Anyone have any feedback on 120 vs 110 widths? I am thinking 110 is the way to go as it will have a bit more clearance if the tire loads with mud.

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    Hello all. First post from this new member. I've been researching tires and am sold so far on the K760 for a number of reasons. I am hopeful that someone might have follow up to the 110 vs 120 question.

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