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Thread: Minor Mods: Increased Night Vision Distance & Durability

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    Welcome from Bel Air Maryland
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    Welcome, great write up.
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    Zooming Jim - this is exactly what I am working on right now. Same colors and everything. I did notice my blue led in the instrument panel dims with high beam and also flashes with the turn signals. Does yours do this too? Stock headlight, brake, and turns. LED High/Neutral/Turn indicators just like yours.
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    JNS question. New guy here in SoCal 2006 TW I just swapped out the factory light with the JNS so much better. My question is When I go to DMV for the riding test will I need to put the stock headlight back on? Are they not street legal? Thanks!

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    Hi Wade,

    Welcome to the forum!

    As long as all your lights are working properly, I think it is highly unlikely that the CA DMV will know, or care, whether your headlight is stock or not.

    Best of luck with the test,


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    I'd guess that it depends on how things work where you live. Waaaay back in the day, when I took a riding test at the DMV they were only interested in my demonstration of basic skills as outlined by their test criteria. Our annual vehicle inspections were a separate thing altogether and was done by state licensed independent auto shops. Some of those guys only checked for function of equipment, whereas others were real sticklers that checked headlight aim, etc. I'd say that the stickler guys could have noticed that a headlight was not DOT approved and rejected the vehicle's annual inspection until it was put back to legal status. From what I understand, a lot of the guys in the UK have that to deal with.

    So, I guess the short answer is actually a question... Does your riding test DMV actually inspect the vehicle? And, do you think whoever inspects it, whether DMV or not, will notice that the light isn't DOT? If it's just a riding test, I wouldn't worry about it at all. If it's a vehicle inspection, I probably still wouldn't IF they notice it, about the worse that'll happen is it'll fail the inspection. If that happens, go home, put the original light back on and get it inspected again. Then go back home and swap back until the next inspection is due...

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    Welcome to the forum. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.
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