Best brake shoes
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Thread: Best brake shoes

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    Best brake shoes

    Just wondering what brake shoes everyone has tried and if there was much of an improvement over the the stock shoes. Mine need replaced soon and just started to look around. EBC, Vesrah, Import, grooved shoes were some that I found. Looking to hear how these performed over the stock shoes. By the way my TW is a 1991, so I will be replacing shoes in front and rear. 24,500 miles on the stock shoes, not too bad!
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    Given the braking potential of these bikes, I wouldn't bother with grooved pads, just blow them clean if they start to squeal

    What you do want to look for is "sintered" brake shoes - something with small metal particles embedded into them that make stopping easier

    Most modern shoes are "sintered" - but some are more sintered than others - (and still unlikely to wear out the hub because of the crap braking potential) - but every little helps

    When you do change shoes, expect less performance at first until the shoes find the hub - they'll need "bedding in" same as everything else ......
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    Stock..O.E.M. I've tried the rest and they are all crap!!! No power or feel but they do make a loud squealing noise so people can get out of your way.
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    My Merrell brand wore out way too soon. image.jpg
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    Fred, I didn't realize your last name was Flintstone .

    Quote Originally Posted by Fred View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred View Post
    My Merrell brand wore out way too soon. image.jpg
    My Dad built me a mini bike out of water pipe and a modified bicycle front end with a tiller engine for power. He never did get around to adding brakes but I rode it anyhow. Wore my Mom's boots out during summer vacation. Looked a lot like your shoes. She didn't find out until cold weather. Dad got blamed because of the mini bike not having brakes. Had some good times on my first vehicle that I didn't have to pedal.
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    I never noticed the brakes being an issue on my 1993. It seems to stop easily and quickly along with my 1 gear down shift. I don't like the brakes with zero pressure applied on the new bikes, that is why they need ABS.

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    A little duct tape will fix those hiking shoes no problem. Also I've found the Keen brand to be a little longer lasting.
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