How I got a Duro Power Grip mounted on modified stock rim.
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Thread: How I got a Duro Power Grip mounted on modified stock rim.

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    How I got a Duro Power Grip mounted on modified stock rim.

    First post here, I'm from south east South Dakota. After reading about problems people had getting these tires to bead up, I did some measurements on the TW rim verses a 14" car rim. The circumference is a little over 3/8" shorter on the car rim. So I decided to cut out that much on the TW rim. So un-laced it from the hub, cut the piece out and tig welded it back together. Then re-laced and trued the rim. The diameter doesn't change much, so the spokes had enough adjustment. Next mounted the tire and monitored the pressure it took for the beads to seat. Both beads seated within 25 psi. Put back on truing stand to check balance and it took 1 oz. to balance. In the process of putting back on the bike.
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    Impressive amount of work required to do this right. Ncely done.
    Gong to stamp it “Not For TrailWings, Automotive Tires Only”?
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    Solid work!
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    Welcome to the forum, Prarierider!

    Interesting approach. Your removal of 3/8" from the rim represents less than a 1% reduction in the circumference of the wheel, which seems rather insignificant. I think that you may have a winner here, at least for someone with the cutting/welding/lacing/truing skills that you have.

    Well done!


    p.s. can I send you a rim?

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    I can't even imagine the amount of work you put into that wheel. I'm totally impressed at your persistence! I'd love to see a picture if you have one available.

    And Welcome to the Forum!
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    Welcome to the forum. Another creative mind to a common issue.
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    I'm confused (as always). If I draw a circle on a piece of paper it has a specific circumference.
    If I cut a tiny amount off the exterior of the circle; I can reduce the circumference of the wheel (the old circumference - the cut off part = smaller circumference).

    But I can't put that cut off part back onto the smaller part and make it smaller (because the cut off part is larger than the now smaller wheel).
    Problem is worse if I cut out a section in the middle of it.

    Tell me what I'm not getting (besides any!!!) so I can say oohhh nice job!
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    well if thats the only amount needed I bet we can sand the bead seating area of the rim down slightly combined with a rubber buffer the type used to scuff for a tire patch and take a small amount off the rubber bead area of the tire and accomplish the same thing after all that is a very small difference. You'd probably only need to remove 1/32 of an inch from the rim and tire for 1/16" total
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    I will try to explain my understanding of what Prairierider has done.

    By removing the hub and spokes from the TW's rear wheel, it is no longer a rigid disk. The rim is now essentially a hoop, like a Hula hoop with nothing in its center. If you remove a small section of this hoop (the rim), and then rejoin the cut ends (by welding them back together), you now have a hoop (the rim) that is slightly smaller in diameter than what you started with. When this rim is re-laced to the hub, it will not be perfectly symmetrical as one pair of spokes will be closer to each other due to the small section that was removed.

    My guess is that this slight asymmetry will not be noticeable on a TW.

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