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    I didn't want to hijack the TCI skid plate thread so here we go.

    -TCI products skid plate with engine guards, .190" thick $240+shipping

    -MSR $95

    -Ricochet .160" $105

    -IMMIX (3/16 or 5/32 where applicable) $95+shipping

    -Happy Trails 5/32" $75+shipping

    -Moose $100+shipping

    The TCI looks like it would offer the most protection but at the cost of weight and $.

    Do you guys have experience with these other skid plates and by any chance know which one offers the most side engine protection out of the bunch?


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    According to this....

    The Moose and Happy Trail units are just re-branded Ricochet.

    Keep in mind when pricing them, most of the biggie online stores have free shipping for orders after a certain price point.

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    Most of them do look quite similar and are likely re-branded or copied Ricochet.

    The MSR is different. It looks to have taller side "wings" but less upward protection towards the rear.

    Any comparisons between the MSR and Ricochet?

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    I've decided that the dualsport and adventure TWs I'm building will have detachable 1/4-inch heat treated 1045 hot rolled steel skidplates that double as shovel spoons, with screw-on handles that double as crutches for tire repairs. The plates will clamp to double downtubes, part of the new chromemoly frames. Case sideguards will not be part of the spoon.

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    Kinda like the prototype xtw-250.......referring to the skid plate shovel thing.

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