the TW as a realist road warrior(non-interstate that is)
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Thread: the TW as a realist road warrior(non-interstate that is)

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    the TW as a realist road warrior(non-interstate that is)

    I have used my 2013 TW almost exclusively pounding back country roads and secondaries. Almost all , paved with a bit of gravel and dirt thrown in. I have made many modifications to my bike over the last few years, but for running roads and not getting run over a few are the real ticket to fun and rocking and rolling any twisty you desire. The absolutely most important is to re-jet the carb and add a DG muffler and a 15 tooth front sproket. Tweaker had a very good set for the re-jet. A good X-ring chain is the next necessity. Hi-rise handle bars will make your life a lot easier. For tires, you need a real dual sport and not dirt tire: either the TW 203 204's or the Shinko's that I am now running. There are lots of other minor shit to add to the ride but these are the fundamentals if you wish to run the bike between 40 and 65 as as average. With the 15 front I can run a true 75+ without destruction. I realize that this bike was designed for basically off roading, but what the heck. It makes a great country road running warrior. When you get the DG muffler, also invest in a bag of ear plugs. It is worth that. Have a happy day and ride safe.DSCN0939.JPGDSCN0940.JPG
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    Just give me a minute while I collect my thoughts. They're around here somewhere. Maybe!

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    Yep regear and 203/204 and its awesome in the twisties. Had a bike with the DG pipe and that is nothing but irritating .
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    The DG doesn't add any power and is pretty anti-social. Even with the quiet insert it's like an obnoxious Harley. I didn't think it made any sense on a 14hp motorcycle when I tried one so I sold it. Different strokes for different folks though.
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    Nice looking bike!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystery Meat View Post
    Nice looking bike!
    Agreed, nice clean bike!

    Also agree that the DG pipe is way too loud for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnywad View Post
    The DG doesn't add any power and is pretty anti-social. Even with the quiet insert it's like an obnoxious Harley. I didn't think it made any sense on a 14hp motorcycle when I tried one so I sold it. Different strokes for different folks though.
    Has anyone tried a British burgess-type motorcycle muffler? Or perhaps a British commando-style pipe? Both are nice looking, put out good tones, and are reasonably priced.
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    I have the DG with the "silent" core and really like the sound, not to loud imo. W/o the core it was ridiculous! It came with the DG and jetted by a Yamaha dealer when I purchased it (with 25 miles on it) -
    I took it out for a ride locally after trailering it home (wife was out) and when I got back my wife had gotten home - I stopped in front of the house and "brapped" the throttle several wife came out shook her head and said "oh, Hell no!" lol. But with the core it is just right for me. Also I have ridden stock bikes (no DG or jetting) and definitely feel a difference in power added by the pipe and jetting. The jetting may be the main factor
    I was shocked when I rode my buddies stock TW thru some technical spots - the power difference was very obvious.

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    Is it easy to remove and reinstall the silent core? Did you need to rejet after adding the silent core? Thanks and cheers
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    I have avoided any kind of muffler mod. It makes the bike loud. My bike is friendly like most of the people I ride with. The bike is what it is as far as power goes anything beyond that you can chock up to riders extra weight or lack of weight skill or lack of skill.
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    Our bikes came with the DG pipes on them. One had the quiet core and the other with out. I immediately put one on the one with out. They are very easy to add. I actually like the sound of the pipes and think it does add a little pop to the bikes. The guys I bought the bikes from had trouble tuning the carbs because of the pipes. They had made mods to the air boxes too by drilling holes in them. I changed that back by taping them over with electrical tape. Getting the main jet right really helped as did removing the pilot plug and opening it to @ 2 1/2 turns. But what really added to the acceration was lifting the needle on the carb by adding washers under the spacer. The washers removed any midrange hesitation. With my lower rear gearing the bikes pull very strongly up to 65 mph where it is almost maxed out rpm wise.I also changed out the pilot jets to #34 from stock. With the larger pilot jets the bikes start with little to no choke. I am still working on the higher altitude jetting when we were at the Sweetwater ride I changed the jetting for there but is was still off a little.

    The quiet core incerts come in a couple of sizes I used the smallest or “quietest” . I only tuned the carbs for the insert but I don’t think the different incert sizes will affect the tune as much as the pipe itself.
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