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    New Yamaha TW 125 help / advice please


    So I've recently bought this Yamaha TW 125cc.


    Im wanting to change a few things about but unsure of what will be ok for the bike and will it pass the MOT?

    Firstly I wanted change the headlight to be a round style, I saw this on amazon.


    However this headlight is not E-marked / homologated, would It fail the MOT because its not E-marked?

    It also have three wires, blue white and black.

    My existing headlight has 5 wires coming out the back, two yellow, two black and a green.

    could I wire the headlight from amazon to mine?

    The headlight on amazon also has function 1: low beam / function 2: high beam.

    does this cover all my light controls on my bike? so dipped and full beam?

    Im also wanting to change the instruments dial from this to this


    now I recon ill be ok with the wiring, but the new dial has a separate left and right signal light

    Im wanting to just wire up so that both flash when I'm signalling either left or right ( due to the original dial have only one light for signalling so wiring would be easier )

    would It fail MOT if both L and R signal lights flash on the dial?

    ok think thats it

    Any reply's would help me out greatly

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    Very nice little T-dub! Welcome to the forum

    Regarding the headlight, I'd look for a secondhand original unit off eBay, you can always paint the shell black. That way all the electrics should marry up and it will be UK legal (providing you get a UK one of course)
    Just thought, if you go for a round original you'll need the mounting frame as well as the round and rectangular frames are different
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    Cheers man

    Theres only a couple of headlights on ebay and they look pretty beat up. I could sandblast casing and respray.

    Id use new mounts for headlight and indicators

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    There's a wiring diagram here (that may help) -

    Welcome to the board ......
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    Awesome thanks Purple

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    Welcome. Nice bike. Cheers
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