New to me 94 TW200 - help with mods.
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Thread: New to me 94 TW200 - help with mods.

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    New to me 94 TW200 - help with mods.

    Im looking to modify my tw200 for hunting. Im 6'5 and weigh 230 so alot of it will be customization to fit me and accomodate extra gear weight.

    First off my muffler is shot and i need a new one. Im looking at the quietest possible and have heard that some people are using the xt350 factory exhaust. Is this a good option or is there an aftermarket one I should be considering? For the xt350 do i need just the muffler or the header pipe also?

    Im also looking for recommendations for the rear shock. Id like a little more ground clearance but also something that responds well on the rougher stuff.

    Lastly i need a rear sprocket tooth recommendation for climbing. Dont care if my top road speed goes down.

    Would also like to hear from any of the bigger guys what youve done that has made her more comfortable.
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    Not sure about a muffler but I received some great suggestions a few weeks ago on this link:
    The TDub is great for hunting! I swear that game does not even hear me when riding & I see so much more when riding compared to the truck. The only thing I am hunting
    now is dove but I ride right up to deer, turkey & have seen a ton of coyotes just on dirt roads and they don't spook as much when approaching. I just strap a soft a gun case next to my right leg strapped from rear seat
    to the front of the gas tank on top of the plastic and it works great. I have used this position on a horse in the past and can unzip the back and get the gun out good and quick.
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    congrats on your new rainbow warrior!

    there's quite a few threads with possible mods for larger riders. larger foot pegs, bar raisers, heavy duty rear shock spring are a few that come to mind.
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    That link you shared was a big help. I will start with the risers and go from there. Im a fan of cheap mods, we have a cycle salvage in town so id prefer to pull parts off bigger bikes then buy new.

    In concerns to the rear coil, is there a larger motorcycle i can pull one from?

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    Look into a used Blaster shock and spring. Lifts rear a bit, adjustable rebound dampening and pairs nicely with a Tri-Z fork transplant for ~ 9 inches of front suspension travel once ride heights are balanced out. Just the Blaster shock alone yields a mild stink-bug attitude.
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