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    Clark Tank

    I got a new white Clark tank. The price is fare. More capacity. Not hideous. I was disappointed to see there were funky casting marks on the front left side. I'm not a picky guy that expects perfection from people other than myself. But if I worked there I wouldn't have packed it and shipped it out.
    I felt awkward calling to complain. The girl knew right away that the mold is wacked and this is how they come out. Well it would have been nice to expect a less than right product. I was insulted she offered 10% off or return it.
    I need a tank so I said 40 and kept it. I just don't like being treated like a chump. I don't do that to other people unless they are chumps. And as you all know,I'm the nicest guy I know. So that's wrong.
    I didn't want to make this a Clark bashing thread. No one else cares to make a tank for our bikes. Just don't treat TW owners like idiots
    Anyway I'm excited I have a fresh tank that looks way better than the rusty tiny stock tank.
    Next will be a custom shock
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    My bike had a white Clarke When I bought it. Thought the prior owner had a nasty accident. Didn’t realize every tank has it. BECAUSE OF THE MOLD! That’s pretty bad. Love the tank though. Cheers
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    I've heard too many complaints to even consider buying a Clarke. Leaks at the petcock, don't fit right, gas cap broke......
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    my tank has the same indentations on the left side - but, when it's on the bike you really can't see it. Definitely a bummer but having more fuel available on the trail is reassuring.
    Mine has had no problems other than cosmetic in the 11 months I've had it.

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    My Clarke tank is not bad on the casting mark, my friends is a little cruder. I am completely happy with my tank, and so is my friend. I have owned a couple of other Clarke tanks on other bikes, liked them too. Seems like all of them required minor tweaking here or there. Made right here in the USA in Oregon...Small family owned business providing local jobs and paying taxes right here in our country....

    I guess if they were made in China, by Chinese workers, had perfect seems, and cost $50 less....well maybe we could watch another small family business go belly up....

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    IIRC, mine was either the first or second tank made. It was a little tight fitting the side panels, but not too bad. I don't recall any distortions in mine.

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    Funky casting marks here, too. No big deal. I should have called to get the $ off like you.

    I hadn't seen anyone commenting about "leaks at the petcock." Aargh well I'm having that problem. Round one . . . I put everything together -- including NEW petcock. Leaky right off the bat so I went ahead and used the Clarke-supplied additional gasket. On top of the stock rubber thong-style gasket. (Clarke recommends not using both. I was using both.) Two weeks no problems, then drip drip drip. I just took the petcock off again, and put an additional layer of auto shop gasket material DIY gasket on top of the Clarke on top of the Yamaha bikini, each layer of gasket material coated with Form-A-Gasket. Yes like a lasagna. MMmmmmmn not. I haven't put gas in the tank yet.

    If this doesn't work, I'll try with just the stock (new) gasket and Form-A-Gasket. From maximalist to minimalist. But it looks like to me the hole where the petcock goes in is too big.

    At some point I guess I'll be taking the situation to a pro? To think about maybe re-shaping the tank/petcock interface?

    I bought the tank . . . it took awhile to get here . . . then I was gone for three weeks due to circumstances beyond my control. . . . So I can imagine it would be hard to get a replacement. (With the same problems? Or maybe I'd get lucky?) Or a refund.

    I am reviewing other discussions, like peruano's list over in the "Choice for a new gas tank?" thread:

    The Clarke after market plastic tank for the TW 200 only increases the volume to 2.8 gallons
    The Clarke tank for the xt350 is larger and relatively easy to adapt - somewhere around 4.0 gallons.
    The stock tank for the xt350 is larger (3.14 gallons) and easy to adapt.
    The stock tank for the xt225 is larger and has been adapted successfully. 2.3 gallons
    The Clarke tank for the xt225 is also an option. 4.1 gallons
    The xt 500 tank has been installed on the TW200 and is nearly identical to the xt350. But be careful the older bikes had a completely different tank that is longer and not suitable. Its probably about 3.14
    < S N I P > Posts exist for facilitating installation of nearly all of these tank (here on the forum).
    < S N I P >
    A quick search shows that the xr650 L tank has been used at 5.8 gallons; and the xt500 tank was only suitable in later models that had a 3.17 gallon capacity.

    Anyway, I don't want to bash on Clarke . . . but, if you got lucky, and had no problems. Seems like you got lucky.

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    It's a shame they didn't make them a little better, most all of us have had to make an adjustment/mod or two to make them fit better.
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    Have you contacted Clark Steve?
    I had agreed to a partial refund on my tank. In my PayPal I saw it was not the agreed amount . I contacted them again and they were like sure no problem sorry we got it wrong. I'm just saying give them a chance to make it right. You bought a new tank. There is no reason you need to be figuring your own solutions just yet.
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    First I'm hearing about this. Looking at the pictures of the blue tank I can't see where the cosmetic defect is.
    The shame is that if they already know the problems stem from their own faulty mold why don't they just fix it... make another mold. Seems like a Made In America product should be superior.
    I'd expect more from them.
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