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    Hi, Ive had my tw for 4 years now and i love the bike, however I wish i could make it a little faster on top speed and acceleration but i dont wana affect the longevity of the bike. Ive seen an aftermarket exhaust system by dg and fmf and am curious as to how much it helps and if it is worth it. Also ( Im not mechanically inclined) would it cruze faster with a different sprocket? Ive seem tw's on the internet pulling wheelies and burning out a i just want more power. What would you suggest for power?? Thank you

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    If you want a faster bike, buy one. It would be cheapper than modding a TW.

    No aftermarket exhaust makes a better powerband than the stocker on a stock engine. You might pick up a bit of peak horsepower, but you'll loose area under the torque curve, resulting in a slower bike more difficult to ride quickly.

    Low-buck option for improved throttle response is to propely jet the carb, especially on North American market bikes that come jetted too lean.

    Next step up is a big one, top a performance cam and maybe springs.

    Next limiting factor is air flow through the head, which means a ported head.

    A bigger carb would open up more airflow.

    Next, higher compression. You'll need more expensive gasoline. Might as well go for a bore kit at the same time.

    Finally, consider combining a stroker crank with bigger bore and higher compression.

    By now, if you used a radical enough cam, you've built an engine with a peaky enough powerband it may match the flow characteristics of an aftermarket exhaust. Too bad the TW transmission has such wide ratios--you'll wind out one gear, then end up under the powerband when you shift. Of course, there is a cure for that problem, too, a closer ratio 6-speed transmission from a XT or TT-R.

    By now you'll have $3000 just in parts and machine work. You could buy a really nice Ninja 500 for that and have twice the power of your modded TW, and you'd still have a nice little TW. Multi[le bike Syndrome usually isn't fatal if you're not married.

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    Buy the missus a little scooter, ride that for an hour, then jump back on the TW. You'll think you're on a rocket ship!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Klxrelic View Post
    Buy the missus a little scooter, ride that for an hour, then jump back on the TW. You'll think you're on a rocket ship!!!

    That's funny . . . but true
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    A new guy with his first post and it gets voted down. Tough crowd.
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    Fixed that for him. Anyone should be able to ask a question even if it has been covered time and time again on the forum. Carry on mizzoolian. But try to do a little research before throwing out questions. There are a lot of good topics on this forum that will answer most newbie questions.
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