Improved Passenger Pegs
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Thread: Improved Passenger Pegs

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    Improved Passenger Pegs

    Hello all, brand new owner of a '13 TW200.

    Can anyone recommend improved pegs for the passenger. Already ordered wide pegs for me, but my would like to improve the perch for my tiny wife.


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    Good, and perhaps unique question.
    What quality are you seeking to improve? Length, width, material, texture, position?
    Might take a little custom fabrication depending on what is desired.
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    Good question - welcome to the board ,,,,
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    Tell her to get her own TW!
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    Super Moderator littletommy's Avatar
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    Welcome to the forum!!

    Unfortunately most aftermarket pegs are like what comes on the bike now. You might be able to find square ones in versus to the round ones.
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    Senior Member Maxpower's Avatar
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    I cant see how you might want them improved. I feel they are in a good location and strong

    The only thing I can see is wanting is more time get out to go riding together
    For a dirtbike I feel the TW fits 2 people pretty welll especially if your passenger is a smaller.
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    Senior Member stagewex's Avatar
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    You might want to try a pair of passenger pegs from a full-size Dual Sport like a KLR or DR. Really not much thought as you can tell to the passenger on these bikes because they are not really used that way. I think this is the first time I've even seen this question but yes, it's a good one.
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