CycleRack's Web Site Issues
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    Here is the status of CycleRack's Web Site, straight to me via email from Marc:

    "I know. It's been a real headache. A few weeks ago our website was hacked by someone in Saudi Arabia. We've basically had the same website since 2000 so our computer language was a little antiquated. They put a bunch a redirections to porn sites and all sorts of garbage. We're not big enough to have an "IT Department" so we were doing our best to clean it up but didn't make the time frame the server gave us so they suspended us. We're in the process of re-doing the whole thing now. We're going to have a shopping cart and everything so this should be good!

    Thanks for looking out for us though.


    They can be reached on eBay or at [email protected] or by phone at 208-424-9311.

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    So this is what it has come to terrorists hacking a rack site? omg
    Not all men are capable of greatness, but all possess toughness.
    2001 TW a mod or two maybeHidden Content

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    In the meantime, anyone needing to reference their site:

    1997 TW, well loved, a bit modified.

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