Re-intro and rebuild
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Thread: Re-intro and rebuild

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    Re-intro and rebuild

    Hey all, Let me start with "I'm a bad person". I bought a TW several years ago to strap on the back of a Jeep... which was towed behind an RV. I've been lurking here since 2010 but the TW hasn't needed much love, so I mostly just drop by when I need to look up a part.

    The TW was the only streetable bike that a Jeep could easily tow and I've always liked the "fatness" of the Tdub. Two years and a couple trips around the country lands the TW in storage in Florida. I didn't do the needful and I now have time to pay for my sins. I've got a friend in auto repair school and resurrecting the TW would be good practice for him and I want a streetable bike again. So, I figured I'd pop in and say hi before I start asking ridiculous questions about jets and CDI and stuff... "Hi!"

    Here's the last time the TW was intact before getting locked in a hot garage...


    She's now on a stand in my garage waiting for parts, fluids and tools to arrive so I can start bringing her back...


    I'll post up pics as I rip into her in case anyone is curious... along with questions as they happen.

    In the back of my mind is the thought that I can get her ready for the MABDR before summer, but that might be a bit much for both of us.

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    Welcome back, shouldn't take too much to get her back on the road again!

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    You sinner......5 Our Fathers and 20 Hail Marys!
    A tank and carb flush and of course our favorite product Seafoam and you should be up and running.

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    Good luck with your project!

    The MABDR looks like a great adventure ride.
    John in Nanaimo

    2013 TW200 - with Shinko 241 front tire, Rox 2" anti-vibe risers, Polisport Touquet handguards, homemade wind deflector, Manracks utility rack

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    Welcome, and wow, I didn't know BDR was doing an East side route. I look forward to seeing some of the riding over there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mountain yawp View Post
    Welcome, and wow, I didn't know BDR was doing an East side route. I look forward to seeing some of the riding over there.
    Yeah, the BDR is a pretty good motivator for me to get it done.

    So far I've pulled all body parts except the rear tail, battery, tank, petcock, carb, CDI, spark and various bits I've found on the way.

    The tank has some very minor surface rust on the outside underneath from some mud that had gotten stuck up there (didn't realize that was a thing till now). Fortunately, the inside is clean as a whistle. It's airing out now. I'll probably hit the underside of the tank with a couple coats of Rustoleum Protective Enamel to stop the rust and seal it.

    Petcock gasket it flat as a pancake and will be replaced, screens look good. Probably going to rebuild it anyway.

    Battery is getting replaced with a Battery Tender LiFePO4 ($69 at The dual posts will also make it a little easier to add battery tender pigtails and GPS power instead of stacking those all on one post.

    I'm going to grab a new CDI... I've suspected it's faulty for years and it's worth the cost to just not have to deal with that wild card any more. Going to replace the ignition coil while i'm at it.

    That leaves the carb... It was way better than I expected it to be, but I'm going to give it an acid cleaning and rebuild anyway. The float bowl gasket was shot, the float bowl drain tube thingy is clogged and I'm not sure what else. I'm going to snag an All Balls rebuild kit and I think it's going to become a class project for my friend at his tech school (they have an acid bath). One of the float bowl screws has started to round out, will be replaced.

    Since it mostly lives in Florida, I'm probably going to get a 130 main jet and whatever pilot jet comes in the rebuild kit. That'll give me a little richness for Florida heat and sea level, but should still be fine for the BDR if it's not wicked cold.

    And... while looking up jet sizes I somehow found JNS Engineering's LED headlight... (sigh).
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    Sounds like you're on your way to more TW Awesomeness. Best wishes.
    Tom in Wichita

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    74 Moto Guzzi Eldorado Police model (in many pieces)

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    Welcome - that looks like one heck of a nice traveling setup. Cheers
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    Just a minor progress report... Box o' Parts is nearly complete. I hope to start installing this week.

    From what I remember, the following is buried in there:
    Fuel lines
    Fuel filters
    Carb rebuild kit
    Spark plug boot
    Acquired but not pictured:
    VHT Rust Converter
    Battery Tender battery
    Fuel petcock rebuild kit... Shipping notice has changed to "we don't know where it is, it'll get there within the next two weeks... maybe".

    It should be warm enough tomorrow to start on the tank... Been way to cold to spray anything recently. I just need to clean and coat the bottom with some VHT to deter some very minor surface rust.
    The carb is at "mechanic school" being cleaned and rebuilt. I hope to have that back Wednesday.
    The Battery Tender LiPO4 battery is cartoonishly small. Going to make a frame to stop it jumping around in the battery box... maybe out of shipping foam, if not then MDF plastic.
    Oil has been drained, not looking bad at all, still looked "golden", not black. Engine easily turns by hand, can hear valves doing valvy things when plug hole is plugged.
    Tranny wasn't thrilled about 4th or 5th gear until I drained everything, now it's buttery smooth and goes into each gear with a satisfying "clunk".
    If all goes well and that petcock gasket shows up, I may get to go for a ride next weekend.
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    Just a wee update on the critter... I didn't get my ride and I'm a couple weeks behind on plans. That's partly my fault for not reading and partly "because Florida".

    Everything got installed minus the petcock. Petcock rebuild kit never showed up, had to wait for them to slow-boat me another one. And... I don't like it.

    I tried making it work but it leaks, so I'm going to pull it out, un-rebuild parts of it and try again. If that doesn't work, I have a $10 chinese petcock on the way and some fuel-safe thread sealer. That did give me lots of time to work on my fuel lines and filter though.

    A8uHIlb.jpg 792qEWh.jpg

    Of course, that had to wait for tank spraying. I did a super quick mask job, scuffed the bottom of the tank and sprayed on the VHT. That's the part that took two weeks. "Use above 65 degrees and under 60% humidity." It went from one week of freezing every day to a week of rain every day. :S Anyway, that eventually got done. Then four coats of Hammerite enamel. There are a couple drips in the VHT coats... it's clear and I suck at spray painting, so it was hard to get it right. Anyone inspecting the underside of my tank can get over it.

    en2zRmI.jpg 5LMorzF.jpg Mc7sP9v.jpg 7xwPJOu.jpg

    And the end result...

    I really like that Hammerite enamel. Every time I use it, I want to paint everything else with it.

    Anyway... I'm waiting on petcock bits to fix that leak (which appears to be at the screws or tank, not the petcock valve) and something is wrong with the carb rebuild. Fuel isn't going in, so the float is probably stuck. I might get to that today or tomorrow. close!
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