Does the TW use the same foot pegs as the XT 225?
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Thread: Does the TW use the same foot pegs as the XT 225?

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    Does the TW use the same foot pegs as the XT 225?

    I've been looking for larger pegs for my TW as well as for my son's XT 225. Below is a product on amazon that says it's compatible with both. I'm only asking because I've seen a ton of footpegs advertised for the TW on ebay and other places, but this is the first time I've ever seen anyone say that they were compatible with both the TW and XT 225. Makes me suspicious. If they used the same pegs you'd think that all of those other sellers would also advertise them as working with the XT 225.
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    I don't think so. Sidekick Chad got his from

    It's a guy named Bill that makes them for just a couple of bikes, and XT225 is one of them. They are good, but he is not fast if not in stock. It's the main source on the XT225 forum, kinda like our Jimbo.

    Good luck.
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    It does list it for the 225. And at that price... why not? You can return or ask for a credit if they don't fit as advertised.
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    I think the pegs are the same on the XT225 (not the XT250) and the TW200. Most of the aftermarket wide pegs require drilling a hole for the spring, otherwise they fit.
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    No they are not!! totally different mounts
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    What's also weird is that they list it as compatible with the 1987-2012 TW200. But why stop at 2012? Did the foot peg mounts change on the 2013 models?


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