Alright, Time to plan some mods
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Thread: Alright, Time to plan some mods

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    Alright, Time to plan some mods

    When I picked up this little guy a couple weeks ago, I was certain it would remain bone stock. Well, now I have put 150 miles on it riding desert trails and sand. I have rode it on and off road. I love this thing!

    However, like about everything in life, there is room for improvement. I started a messing with ideas and came up with some questions and want to run ideas past you guys for opinions. The following needs to be remembered. The bike will find it's way to my son who will be a novice rider, I don't want to cry to hard when he tips it over. Nor do I want to make it overly "fragile" with farkles. It also needs to remain budget friendly as I am no where near rich.

    First, a night ride back from doing some 'yote hunting on some nearly non existent trails made of both sand and rock illustrated the nearly ineffective lighting. I know being a 96 it does not have the most powerful electrical system. I looked for the specs on it, but best I could find is that the factory headlight is limited to 35W. Do I have anything left on the system at all? I won't be adding chargers or heated grips or anything. Just need to know which of the following will make this a safer bike remembering the above restrictions.

    1. LED turns. I have wired a similar system to this on an XV250 so this is a fairly budget mod. I replace the flasher, add a couple diodes, and some generic Ebay signals. Then I can use the front running light lead for #2.
    2. Add a set of LED aux lights. I would probably mount these near the turn signals. I would have to find some bright ones that still keep the pull as low as possible. They would need to be directional as well to cast light on the front area.
    3. Replace the front bulb with an LED replacement of some type. Still looking at options. I have yet to find a straight up bulb replacement. Might be looking in the wrong places. Don't know if it is worth it to go through and pay for more advanced solutions with #2 in place. Just looking to reduce the draw and maybe brighten a bit.
    4. A brake light LED is a given. I put them in all my bikes. Just I won't be waiting for this one to die first like I usually do.

    I am constantly worried about fuel. If I take it out hunting, I could easily imagine many things from deciding to hunt further away, to trails that restrict me to crawling speed that could cause me to go low on fuel. So I am going to steal an idea from another member ( and mount a small case to the luggage rack and a couple canisters to it with some fuel cans. This will also serve to add cargo capacity. I do something similar on my DL650 only not for fuel.

    The gearing is too low for me. I am not thinking of going extreme with a change here. A 1 tooth change up front would do it and leave me the options in the back if I need to reverse course later. Anyone had issues (other than apparently having to split the case to make the swap) with a 15t front?

    Finally, the bike runs great. It is pretty much new despite being 20+ years old. What can I do aside from normal maintenance to keep her running good or maybe improve her reliability and efficiency a bit? Nothing grand as I am a bit ignorant on carbs and don't need to mess up that!

    Thanks for your input, everyone.
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    Most who change the gearing, change the rear sprocket. Easier than the front. Bark Buster style handguards are another good add-on. Saves the levers in the event of a tip over. Upgrade the stock front tire if it hasn't been done already. I have a '96 also.
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    Hand guards are a great investment especially offroad.

    The stock front tire is notoriously horrible. Put a shinko sr241 front tire on great on pavement, dirt, rock, sand, loam, mud, and snow. The only time I noticed it slide so far was on slush. I call the stock tire the judo master...and I now call the 241 the waffle maker. I've been making snow waffles the past few months...funtimes.

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    Alright, Front tire and handguards added. I will say that the tire will have to wait until I wear out this one. I have to bow to the wifey on that rule. She did let me buy ANOTHER bike after all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gdcpony View Post
    Alright, Front tire and handguards added. I will say that the tire will have to wait until I wear out this one. I have to bow to the wifey on that rule. She did let me buy ANOTHER bike after all.
    Tell wifey that front tire was dangerous when it was new, and now it is over 20 years old - consider it already worn out.

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    What he said! ^^

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    i find the tool tubes very handy. if you can mount them under a rack or top box they will be better protected from a fall and also make the bike some what narrower

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