MT43 life expectancy? What about rears?
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Thread: MT43 life expectancy? What about rears?

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    MT43 life expectancy? What about rears?

    Hey folks, been away a long time. Seems not everybody's still with us unfortunately but the group has definitely grown. Anyhow I got another TW so here I am. Obligatory Craigslist photos:

    Anybody know which handguards those are? May get some new plastics for those eventually. You guys can probably notice the mods that have been done. The stock tail light and signals were included, though it looks like at least the rear harness was cut. I'd like to go with LED's all over later. Also came with a rear Cyclerack, mirrors, a 55t and the 50t sprocket, with a 60t mounted, rubbing the guard lightly, stock front tire as a spare. I think I've got an old TW204 laying around still but I'll probably want a new one. I'd had the TW203/204 combo on my first Tdub but that's why I'm here...

    It's setup great for chugging along in the woods but I'm aiming to go south this summer, maybe Natchez Trace Parkway then into East Texas, or down into Florida in the fall. Maybe both if I'm so lucky. I'd imagine by the time I find a washout situation on the road, knobbies ain't gonna help nothing, but I'm curious what kinda life I could expect out of the street tires vs other mild options. I was thinking the Pirelli up front might help a bit but probably a waste of rubber, same goes for the stock knobby. I'd guess the TW203/204 are quieter than stock as well. Anyway, just speculating before I probably buy the 203/204 combo and play it safe. I'd like to ride the occasional trail around the house or at events but I'd say I'll be happy just to get away from the house at this point

    I'll probably go back to stock gearing, as well. And I forgot how bad the stock seat hurts. Oh, and a leaky carb and base gasket but I think those two will act right if I order their replacement parts and look at the old ones angrily. That stuff plus some luggage space and a jacket, I should be set for awhile. I saw mrbracket is out of the trailer thing but found another company doing them. It's tempting to figure one out just for a spare wheelset.

    Anyhow, before I get carried away, any advice on tire life and road tripping is appreciated.
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    The 203/204 set-up is best run at 22 psi +

    Any lower than that and you’ll begin to develop a flat spot in the centre

    They’re ideal for road or “light” trail work, considerably quieter on tarmac, and at the psi suggested above, should improve fuel consumption

    I have a pair fitted to one of my bikes (TW), and figure your looking at a 7k life span– the rear was run at low pressure (before I got it), and the flat centre is evident ……
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    Just my experience but I've been pretty blown away with the life of the stock rear tire on my '17. I'm pushing 12,000 miles, a lot of that is my 70 mile a day paved commute. And it still looks like there is a few thousand miles left in the tire before I don't trust it to climb a hill off road.
    Up until I got the TW I've never had a dual sport knobby like the 244 and such last more than 3,000 miles on the rear. For the front you can get decent mileage out of a 50/50 knobby like the 244 if you want a bit more bite when dirt is found.

    I did a cross country trip on my CRF250L a couple years ago. I put a Shinko 705 on the rear and a 244 on the front. Thinking was I knew I was going to be hitting dirt along the way, the plan was to camp in the middle of forests as much as possible. Front wears slower so I took the bit of extra traction up there in the dirt when I hit it, and the 244 may as well be a street tire on the pavement in my opinion (244 is NEVER my first choice for a front dirt tire, those coffin lugs on the sides wash out more than any other tire I've ridden up front, but for touring use made a good mild knobby that carved paved corners just fine).
    Had the 705 on the rear for long life, and it did really well in the dirt too on a low power bike. There are similar treaded tires for the rear of the TW like the 428 and 204.

    That combo took me from Oregon to Michigan and back on a heavily loaded bike and I commuted on it for a few more months before putting new tires on.

    If I were to set up and take the TW200 on a cross country trip tomorrow I'd put a SR428 or TW204 on the rear. And a Shinko 244 on the front. (Or run my current fave for the front and put a Kenda K270 on the front, better in corners in the dirt than the 244 at the slight expense of corners on the pavement, I've ran both tires on other bikes extensively to compare)

    Some don't like mixing street and knobs though. So that is up to you. I just find for my style of touring with lots of dirt mixed in it feels more solid and the knobs don't wear nearly as fast up front so you get a pretty matched set of tires wear wise.
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    I don't suppose I'm any nearer to being sure after that. Hard to say which would last longer between stock and street tires, all else is rarely equal, but 10k sounds pretty good. As it stands the road noise is nearly loud as the exhaust, as loud as the valve noise anyhow. That's the other bit I'm curious about, how much quieter street vs stock tires may be. I'll have to make a decision soon anyhow. Thanks for the input.
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    The MT43 last for 3-4000 km on the back of my WR250r if you do a lot of road riding.
    On the front of the TW, it should last a fairly long time. Mine was slightly warn when I put it on and after 2000 km the siping is gone in spots, but the tiring still sticks like glue.
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