Hard shell sealed camera box that fits the Yamaha rack perfectly
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Thread: Hard shell sealed camera box that fits the Yamaha rack perfectly

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    Hard shell sealed camera box that fits the Yamaha rack perfectly

    Title says it mostly but here is a couple of pictures. The molded in feet on the bottom of the box seem to fit the rack so well it kind of interlocks and only needs some form of hold down to secure. I just drilled .061 holes and used stainless safety wire to secure it. Just thought I would pass it along since it fit so well and was a 5 minute mod. Taking the pictures and sharing took 4x longer. I will seal with a dab of silicone. If the stainless wire proved inadequate then I will just slot the holes and use small hose clamps. It comes full of layers of foam. I just covered the botton with one of the 1/2" pieces to cover up the safety wire twists. Beefy zip tie would work great as well.



    The picture posting here is crazy. Sometimes it rotates the picture and other times it does not but everytime it takes 10x the effort of typical pic hosting anywhere else. First picture is hosted if you can see it. Some can and some cannot is my understanding.

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    Another way to mount to racks similar to what you did with the safety wire is 120lb zip ties, they are kinda spendy though for zip ties. I have a small action packer mounted to my cyclerack with 6 of them. The math on that pretty much means the tote will obliterate before the ties let loose. Used some plates I found at the hardware store that have countersunk holes in them inside to reinforce the tote floor and I have the version of the rack with the turned up rear so two of the ties are back there with washers inside the tote to disperse the load a bit. Holds it tight to the back of the rack. Seat is a pain to remove though...... Planning to get a case like yours in the next few days, be better for trails being smaller just to carry some day supplies and I can strap my rubberized duffel to the top for camping and such. Tote is kinda big.
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    you can use a threaded J hook, too. loop it around the rack, use fender washers inside the box
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