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    Hi fellow TW riders!

    I have an idea of a conversion I want to do to Batty (my TW200) but i need your help! I my bike does not have any racks at present or even a topbox / bag. but, I would like to come up with a way to somehow attach a bicycle to the back of Batty. I am a cyclist and often do races and it would be so awesome to rockup at a race with a bicycle on the motorbike. I would prefer to find a DIY / really cheap way of doing this. Would also need to come up with a system to add a lockable box to store my ride pants and jacket whilst I am out racing. (oh and I am a lady biker so it really does need to be simple )

    Any ideas welcome. Oh, I am in South Africa so dont have access to the wealth of TW stuff found elsewhere.



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    hey mp,

    if you google "bike rack on motorcycle" you'll get a bunch of pics with lots of ideas. i'd think cantilevered off the back, front wheel off, inline with the motorcycle, would work best. ymmv. post pics of what you do get set up
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    Thanks Joe. I plan on looking next weekend at an idea. Would be so awesome to rockup at my first race of the new season with a road bike on a TW.

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    Mojopup, Yes, its been done. But you will need to search the old forum to see the photo or writeup. If I recall correctly it was a fork mount (front fork clamped rigidly and front wheel carried elsewhere on the pedal bike). The fabricator was a garage sale patron who wanted to bring home bike purchases. You will probably want to fabricate a simple rack to attach the front fork mount, but even an oem rack or homemade version should suffice, and of course test thoroughly (safety first please). Tom
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    Sounds like a fun project! Even better that you are a lady biker! Are you a road racer or mountain bike racer? Only ask because you may not want to drag a nice road bike behind the TW as suggested depending on your roads. The rear wheel of the bicycle could whack a pothole and you'd have a bum rear wheel for your race. A mountain bike would most likely be fine, especially if it has rear suspension...

    Please do post pics of what you come up with.

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    I would use great care when trying to develop a system to tow a bicycle behind your TW. I have seen this tried 3 times (once by me). For reasons that I don't understand, there was always the same major flaw in how the bicycle tracked.

    Years ago when I did a lot of bicycle riding, at one point, I also had a Honda 110 trail bike as my only means of transportation. The Honda had a rear rack much like the "Cycle Rack" for the TW. I would remove the front wheel of the bike and simply lay the bike on it's side atop the rack. The front wheel was removed from the bike and centered on the bikes main triangle with one pedal sticking up through the spokes. This system was not particularly elegant, but was simple and secure.

    If I recall correctly, the set-up that Peruano is referencing had the forks clamped to a rather generic quick release clamp set-up that was attached to the front/center portion of the rear motorcycle rack. The rear of the bike protruded out/off the rear of the motorcycle and I believe was supported likely by a rail frequently used on roof racks. The rail was of course securely attached to the motorcycle rack as well. Good luck. Gerry
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    Looks like this one would work well with the cyclerack.

    Bike rack
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