Handlebar risers
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Thread: Handlebar risers

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    Handlebar risers

    Looking for some info on how far I can raise my handlebars without having to mess with any wiring. Also wondering what people have done and liked.
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    I put these (see link) 2 inch risers on my Dub - all you need to do is cut a couple zip ties and they fit fine.....I am putting these on a friends TW today along with larger pegs, hand guards and longer shifter - the most important mods in my opinion - he's having the 241 front tire put on later this week

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    i put these on my TW with no changes to cables or wires:


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    Did Rox 2" risers with no change in wiring (isn't loose by any means, but required no extension). Feels like a totally different bike, frankly.
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    I did a 1.2" riser over the weekend. I picked them up on ebay for $27.95. I didn't have to do anything.
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    I'm 6' myself. I had tusk risers roughly 1" which helped a lot. But once I started standing up more I went to Rox 2" risers which are awesome since you can move them forward as well. Any more then 2" and you might have trouble with your cables but these took very little effort to install. Didn't have to move a thing except loosen the bars and put the riser in between.You can buy knock offs much cheaper on ebay if you dare but I ordered the proven brand name ones from fortnine.ca which shipped really quickly.

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    +1!!! They are perfect!
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    Senior Member nihil's Avatar
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    +1 for the 2" Rox, fits great with no modification to wiring or other ancillaries, and makes a world of difference. I do wish I had another inch or so though, I'm 5'14" and still hunch down a bit when standing up.
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    An update - I put the Rox 2" on my buddies Dub yesterday and we went for a ride - he kept saying it felt like it had power steering now.....better geometry along with being able to comfortably stand up. I put on a 1" riser first and it just wasn't quite enough. I'm 5"10" and stand most of the time on the trails now.
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    3.5" Rox: I had to reroute stuff; and was still tight and finicky about riser and bar placement.

    PS: nihil - like the 5'14"
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