Broken Plastic Starter switch.
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    Broken Plastic Starter switch.

    The grey plastic starter switch on my 08, has snapped off is there any way to jimmy rig something for now, and is there a chance to fix just the switch, or will i have to buy an entirely new component that houses the starter switch and and the kill switch.

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    Sorry for your problem, as I don't have an answer. Bumpstart if you can on pavement for now. And another good reason to install a kickstarter. Good luck; and welcome to the forum.

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    If the core of the button is still there and still functions then the button's height and shape can be rebuilt using either paste like Plastex Plastic Repair Kit - Easily glue, repair or remake or plastic epoxies like this very god performer J-B Weld 50132 PlasticWeld Quick-Setting Epoxy Syringe - Dries Translucent Yellow - 25 ml . or if you have 22mm or bar space somewhere add a new switch group. Universal Handlebar Switch Starter Kill Push ON OFF Button for Motorcycle Scooter Pit / Dirt bikes
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    Is this the part you need? If yes then send me a PM. $30 delivered.



    Looks like the Go Advanced picture posting is not working either. PM me with your email and I will send a picture of the switch I have so you can decide if it is the right one you need.
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