Chinese Carburetor Success
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Thread: Chinese Carburetor Success

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    Chinese Carburetor Success

    After purchasing my 2010 TW I was doing some initial maintenance and when I went to adjust the idle mixture screw I discovered it was turned all the way in and that is where it ran the best. From checking the spark plug it appeared to be running a bit rich but the bike performed great. Knowing something was not quite right I removed the carburetor and discovered that someone had been inside it at least once (the screws were badly mangled). I disassembled the entire carburetor, cleaned everything, blew it out with compressed air and set the float height. Upon reinstalling nothing changed, still ran rich and had to have the idle mixture screw turned all the way in. Repeated everything again and still no change.

    If anyone has any idea on what might be wrong I would love to fix the original carburetor.

    I decided to purchase one of the Chinese clone carbs off of Amazon for under $50. Installed the new carb and the bike fired right up. Set the idle and checked the idle mixture screw, I did not have to change it. Bike runs great but it is a little leaner than I prefer. The new carburetor is not an exact clone, the cable bracket is different but works fine. I did have to cut a slot in a nut and add it to the front cable, you could also simply swap your original bracket. I opened the carb and there are internal differences, the floats are different and the float level is different. Externally the threads on the idle adjustment screw are very slightly different and I could not use my original adjuster. The one that comes on the carb works but is not as convenient. I have been running this for a couple of months without any problems. I would have included a link to the one I bought but it is no longer listed on Amazon, the other listings are probably the same carburetor. Anyway I am happy but I would still prefer to have the original carb working correctly.

    Carb 001.jpg

    Installed (1).JPG

    Installed (3).JPG
    2010 Yamaha TW200

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    Perhaps the needle and seat are leaking or maybe just the o-ring on the seat?
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    I've never had a problem with what I assume is the original carb on my 2006. But it's nice to know there is actually a very close clone for use or even perhaps for spare parts.

    Under $50? That's great! I just paid $40.00 for a Kestar re-build kit for another bike and it wasn't an exotic Ducati or Bing BMW. It was for a 20 year old Honda.
    So that's a great price point you found there. And good for us we read it on the Forum.

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    Just a reminder if you are in the market for a TW clone carb: the carb shown is a clone of the Teikei CV carb used on 2001 and newer TWs.

    In the past, Mikuni clone carbs have been adapted to the TW. It can be done but requires some modifications.

    It is nice to see the Teikei clone readily available as a bolt-on replacement at a bargain price compared to OEM.

    BTW, that is the same carb I sent to "mrimd"

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    Maybe your original has the jets to big swapped by the PO.

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    And that carb works great on my 2000. My bike starts instantly and the throttle is very responsive.
    If I can figure out how to resize the pics I took of my installation/swap so they don't fill up the whole page, I will post it in another thread so you can see what's involved in switching the carb and how really easy it is.
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