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    i'm thinking of swapping front disc brakes for my drum, but i have a nagging fear that the disc isn't as tough. is my fear of bending or breaking the disc in a fall unwarranted?

    i know lzrd has reported they are about equal in stopping distance, but the feel of disc vs the soft grab of my drum has me wanting to switch. i ride 70-30 dirt.

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    The disc on my '07 seems tough enough, but I prefer the feel of the drum that my '97 had.
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    IMHO, its a no-brainer. Disc.
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    i just bled my brakes on my 03' and bought new pads and , I could stoppie if i wanted to hahah. I dont know i have always liked the feeling of disk over drum, maybe because my race bikes have that?

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    It's also easier taking the front tire off and on with a disk brake when the need arises.
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    Go for broke and put an oversize rotor on it. Less fade and easy service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xracer View Post
    Go for broke and put an oversize rotor on it. Less fade and easy service.
    big is better but without a disc guard and heavy off roading there can be a problem

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    Disc are alot better in water but I have drum and it doesn't seem worth the expense to upgrade it. Plus I really don't take my tdub in deep water. (thats what my quad is for)
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    I actually preferred the drum off road. I do like the disc more on the raod and its alot easier/faster taking on/off the front wheel. Plus with disc you dont have to re-adjust the brake every time you take it off. But now that ive had both i doubt i would sell it just for the front brake. I did for the brake, better electrical output/headlight and the newer carb is smoother. Either way you cant go wrong.

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