87 Jetting
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Thread: 87 Jetting

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    87 Jetting

    I know it has to be covered already. Couldnt find it in the search.
    I would like to find the final word on jet sizes and where to buy them.
    It's the most cold blooded bike I've ever owned
    87 TW

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    If you haven't done it yet, open the idle mixture screw to 2 1/2 turns. That did wonders for my TW.
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    Are you saying you have a 87 TW that has not ever been rejetted?

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    No reason the re-jet an '87 - unless you want it to be a bit "perkier" - Yamaha had it about right to begin with (although there is some room for "play")

    Regarding Elime's suggestion, this is doubtless in response to the OP saying "cold blooded", which most TW’s are straight from the factory. If you look at the bottom of the carb (loosen both boots and try turning it), you should see a “brass blank”, indicating that the idle jet has never been messed with. Yamaha, in order to get these bikes past ever stricter emission tests, used to set them up to be incredibly lean from new. We have found the idle jet to be set from all the way in, to one turn out, resulting in a cold blooded engine that wouldn’t respond to any throttle until it had warmed up a bit — which is fine if you like waiting for ten or fifteen minutes before riding

    The solution is fairly easy — drill a small hole in that brass blank, insert (very gently) a “dry wall screw” to get some traction on it, and prise it out. This should reveal the idle jet. Screw the idle jet all the way in (carefully remembering how many turns it takes), then back it out two and a half turns — most of us find this setting to quite sufficient. Return the carb to vertical, and re-tighten the boots

    You may find your starting procedure has changed with regards using the choke, as the bike will now start and respond faster

    There are some pictures around here somewhere — but they should look something like this (right click, and "open in new tab" for enlarged view) …..

    carbbottomwithplug.jpg Capture.JPG

    If this is not the problem you have — post again and we’ll try to help you out some more ….
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    Thanks Purple.
    And special thanks (again) to jbfla for the terrific carb pics...so helpful!
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    thank you for your help
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    87 TW

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